Which supermarket sells the cheapest Christmas turkey?

C5's Inside Lidl at Christmas looks at which supermarket wins the war of the turkeys!

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Christmas Day lunch is traditionally a juicy turkey with all the trimmings. So which supermarket sells the cheapest turkey?

And who wins the Christmas pudding taste test?

Inside Christmas at Lidl airs at 9pm on C5 on Thursday December 17 2020 and investigates the quality and quantity of supermarket turkeys.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lidl trolley filled with wrapping paper
Does Lidl sell the cheapest turkey this Christmas? (Credit: C5)

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Which supermarket sells the cheapest Christmas turkey?

For Lidl, like all supermarkets, Christmas is the busiest and most important time of the year.

They must attract potential shoppers with attractive prices – and get them to stay in store and buy more.

But which store sells the best value Christmas turkey?

The channel 5 documentary reveals that Lidl’s standard medium frozen bird is £3.24 per kilogram.

Asda was the same price.

However, Aldi wins with a maximum price of £3.12 per kilogram.

A former Lidl employee reveals that all supermarket turkeys are generally bought from the same supplier.

After all, there are only so many places that supply local produce.

Who wins the Christmas pudding taste test?

Lidl’s Christmas pudding costs £9.99, compared to Fortnum and Mason who charge £36.95.

In a taste test, Lidl’s pudding won hands down for being moist and full of nuts.

Lidl also sells competitively-priced Christmas trees…

The Wynne family purchases a six foot non-drop version for £24.99, compared to one costing £48 in Waitrose.

However, Lidl’s “flat” Prosecco for a bargain £4.99 failed the taste test compared to Waitrose.

The Wynne family appear on Inside Christmas at Lidl on C5
The Wynne family test products on Inside Christmas at Lidl (Credit: C5)

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Can I do all my Christmas shopping at Lidl?

In the C5 documentary Inside Lidl at Christmas, the Wynne family attempt to source all their Christmas food, drink and presents from Lidl.

They discover that they can easily buy a locally-sourced turkey from the store, as well as all the trimmings at a competitive price.

Lidl also provide “showstopper” desserts like its chocolate and cherry meringue wreath, expresso martini roulade and gingerbread chocolate house.

The family sourced their tree from the store and decorations, too.

However, they preferred the alcohol from Waitrose (for triple the price), and weren’t too keen on Lidl’s savoury snacks.

Bargain gifts can be bought from the famous “middle aisle”, described as a pick and mix of items.

Inside Lidl at Christmas on C5

The C5 documentary takes a look at how the budget supermarket prepares for Christmas.

Three generations of the Wynne family test Lidl’s festive produce, including a Christmas pudding and Prosecco.

We also discover which supermarket offers the cheapest turkey and trimmings.

The Wynne family then must decide if they’ll swap their usual Tesco shop for Lidl.

Inside Lidl at Christmas airs at 9pm on C5 on Thursday December 17 2020.

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