Where is Captain James in Our Girl? Ben Aldridge explains his absence from the new series

Viewers are missing him

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Our Girl fans have been wondering where Captain James is as the new series gets underway.

The 2020 season kicked off on BBC One last Tuesday (March 24) with Michelle Keegan reprising the role of newly promoted Sergeant Georgie Lane.

However, Ben Aldridge’s character Captain James was noticeably missing. Here’s why…

Our Girl Captain James Ben Aldridge (Credit: BBC)
Our Girl fans have been asking where Captain James is (Credit: BBC)

Where is Captain James in Our Girl?

The last season of Our Girl concluded with Captain James desperately leading 2 Section away from danger.

A ruthless gang of armed gangsters were hunting the soldiers down as they ran for their lives through the Belizean jungle

Eventually, the team came to the edge of a steep cliff.

Facing certain death at the hand of the drug cartel if they didn’t jump, Captain James ordered his men (and women) to take the plunge.

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The series then ended on the team leaping into the air, leaving fans wondering if they survived.

Bizarrely, the new season doesn’t touch upon what happened – and so far, there’s been no mention of Captain James’s whereabouts.

However, fans will not be seeing him this series regardless as Ben confirmed last year that he couldn’t be part of the new series due to filming commitments.

“I’m doing another job which would make me pretty much unavailable,” he told the Metro at the time. “I was never in a contract to do another one, none of us were, so I guess it’d be basically who they could get back and, when they decide to do it, who’s available kind of thing.”

Michelle Keegan Ben Aldridge Our Girl
Captain James and Georgie grew VERY close in Our Girl last series (Credit: BBC)

Will Captain James be in the next series of Our Girl?

Quite possibly.

Ben hasn’t officially quit the show – he just wasn’t able to film the current series because he had already committed to other projects.

However, one person who won’t be returning in Michelle Keegan.

The actress confirmed at the start of the year that this series would be Georgie’s last.

Speculation is now rife that EastEnders star Lacey Turner may return as Molly Dawes – who also happens to be Captain James’ wife on the show.

The couple were experiencing relationship problems last series, which resulted in Captain James pursuing Georgie as a love interest.

However, that clearly didn’t work out, so perhaps he’s working on his relationship with Molly.

Commenting on the backlash from fans over Captain James possibly leaving Molly for Georgie, Ben told the Radio Times: “I heard that Twitter sort of went mental over it.

“I think people feel very, very protective over James and Molly’s relationship and it would seem that’s what some people are still interested in seeing.”

Twitter also sort of went mental about James’s absence, Ben, with viewers demanding to know where he is!

Our Girl is on BBC One, Tuesdays at 9pm.

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