When did Jac Naylor join Holby City and what have been her best storylines?

When did Jac Naylor join Holby City and what have been her best storylines?

We'll be sad to see her go

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Holby City favourite Jac Naylor is set to leave the medical drama after 15 years in the ED.

The no-nonsense, ice-maiden surgeon has been a fixture since 2005 in the hit series.

However, she’s set to leave in the climax to a dramatic storyline tonight (Tuesday, February 2).

But who is Jac Naylor and what have been her most memorable storylines?

Who is Jac Naylor in Holby City?
Was Jac in Holby City shot? We’ll find out tonight! (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Jac Naylor last week in Holby City?

A drug dealer held Jac and Kian at gunpoint.

When a shot was fired, no one knew who was wounded… or how badly.

Viewers will find out the truth tonight.

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Actress Rosie Marcel says: “It was beautifully choreographed and beautifully written. It’s a very intense episode but it’s brilliant.

“For me, having those last two episodes as my final episodes was awesome. It was a great story to go out on.”

Who is Jac Naylor in Holby City?
Jac has had a wild ride (Credit: BBC)

When did Jac Naylor first appear in Holby City?

Jac made her first appearance in 2005.

Fiercely competitive and ruthless Jac became romantically involved with Jospeh Byrne because she wanted to cosy up to his influential father, Lord Byrne.

She later slept with Lord Byrne and tried to blackmail him into securing her consultancy position.

Other key Jac storylines include being at the centre of a murder investigation, feuds with Sahira and Faye, and an emotional pregnancy story.

The medical maestro is also no stranger to gunmen in Holby – in 2017 Jac, Raf and Ollie came under fire in a siege.

It’s been quite a ride for Jac in Holby City!

Who is Jac Naylor in Holby City?
Jac battles a breakdown (Credit: BBC)

Why did Jac Naylor have a breakdown?

Back in 2019, Jac’s vulnerable side came out.

She had to perform life-saving surgery on Elliott, but her anxiety got the better of her.

Feeling the pressure – and desperately wanting to see her daughter – she eventually lost control and let her emotions out in scenes viewers found “painful to watch”.

Jonny Holby
Jonny is the father of Jac’s baby (Credit: BBC)

Who is the father of Jac’s baby?

Jac fell for cheeky Jonny Maconie, and the chalk-and-cheese couple had a daughter together.

However, they broke up before she was born.

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Jac also considered having an abortion after she found out the unborn baby had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and was only given a 50 per cent chance of survival.

Jonny ended up being Jac’s birth partner.

Holby City is on tonight (Tuesday February 2) at 8pm on BBC One

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