WHAT NEXT for Coronation Street’s Eva Price?

Is she really going to give her daughter up?

So Coronation Street’s Eva Price has had her baby – but now that her daughter is finally here, will she really be able to give her up?

Viewers saw Eva dramatically go into labour alone at her cottage in tonight’s Corrie double bill, but thankfully Toyah arrived just at the right time to lend a hand.

Eva panicked when she went into labour on her own (Credit: ITV)

It was too late for the expectant mum to get to hospital, giving Toyah no choice but help deliver the baby on the bathroom floor.

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There was drama when the little baby arrived and it appeared she wasn’t breathing.

Luckily Toyah was there to help (Credit: ITV)

Luckily, Toyah remained calm and followed the orders of the paramedic on the phone, giving the tiny baby mouth-to-mouth to help clear her airways.

It was at this moment that it became clear to everyone watching that Eva did secretly care about her new daughter.

The new mum was beside herself when the baby didn’t cry and first, and the relief when her daughter made her first sound was overwhelming.

Despite resisting holding her daughter, Eva eventually gave in and couldn’t help but gaze into her daughter’s eyes. This look of love definitely isn’t one of someone about to hand her baby over willingly…  has Eva made a huge mistake?

Eva resisted holding her baby, but the midwife insisted (Credit: ITV)

What could be on the cards for the new mum over the next few weeks? We know that she is leaving the cobbles in the not-to-distant future, but will she be leaving with or without her baby?

She could keep the baby

Eva’s look of love as she came face-to-face with her daughter for the first time made it clear that something has changed in the new mum.

The moment everything changed (Credit: ITV)

She has been questioning her decision for a while – but could her decision to hand her baby over change now that she has held her in her arms for the first time?

She could hand the baby over, but change her mind

Could Toyah’s joy at finally becoming a mummy be so apparent that Eva will keep her own maternal feelings hidden?

It’s no secret that Toyah has dreamt of being a mum for so long, and now that Eva has made that dream come true, could the new mum really take all that away by changing her mind about giving up her daughter?

Will Eva break Toyah’s heart? (Credit: ITV)

But what would happen if she did give up the baby – only to change her mind months down the line? Surely that’s going to cause even more heartache and expose their baby lies?

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She could tell Aidan everything 

Secrets don’t stay hidden for long in soapland and so the secret that Eva is little Susie’s biological mum is surely going to come out. But could Aidan work it out quicker than everyone else?

Will Aidan work out the truth? (Credit: ITV)

Will Eva tell Aidan that he is the baby’s dad, or will she maintain that Adam is in fact the daddy? With Aidan’s exit looming, will he leave the Street knowing he is a father or not?

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