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What is Miranda Hart show Call Me Kat about and when is it out in the UK?

It's star is on The Graham Norton Show tonight!

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Call Me Kat is a new American sitcom that is based on a very popular British show.

Its star, Mayim Bialik, is on this Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show.

But just what is it about? And is Miranda Hart in it? And when does it start?

Get the answers to these questions and more below…

What is Call Me Kat about?

Call Me Kat is a new American sitcom series starring Mayim Bialik.

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It is loosely based and inspired by the British sitcom Miranda by and starring Miranda Hart.

call me kat
Call Me Kat is a new American comedy (Credit: FOX)

Mayim plays, Kat, a 39-year-old single woman who is set on living life by her own rules.

Quitting her job as a professor, she uses money from her parents to set up a cat cafe.

Is Miranda Hart in Call Me Kat?

Miranda Hart serves as one of the executive producers in Call Me Kat.

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However, she has not made an appearance in the series so far.

miranda hart
Miranda serves as exec producer (Credit: SplashNews)

Who is Mayim Bialik?

Mayim Bialik is an Emmy nominated actress whose been a regular on US television for decades.

Her breakout role was in the teen sitcom Blossom for which she played the lead role.

Then after she completed her studies in neuroscience, for which she received a Ph. D., she returned to acting to star in the mega-hit series The Big Bang Theory.

Now 45, she is co-parenting her two sons, Frederick and Miles with her ex-husband Michael Stone.

mayim big bang theory star
Mayim is a major television actress (Credit: SplashNews)

What does Mayim say about Call Me Kat?

Mayim told Forbes that she loves starring in this show because it’s not about a single woman trying to find happiness by coupling up.

She said: “What I love is that this is not a show about a woman trying to find someone, it’s a show about a woman trying to be happy finding herself and seeing what happens along the way.”

Who else is in Call Me Kat?

Call Me Kat co-stars some familiar faces.

Cheyenne Jackson plays an old crush of Kat’s. You may have seen him before in the likes of American Horror Story, Descendants 3 and 30 Rock.

While cafe employee Phil is played by character actor Leslie Jordan. He’s also appeared in American Horror Story as well as Will & Grace and a role in the new film United States vs. Billie Holiday.

He’s also a bit of a comedic Instagram sensation and has over five million followers.

Kyla Pratt plays another cafe employee in the show. She’s particularly well-known for her roles in Recovery Road, Let’s Stay Together and One on One.

When does it start in the UK?

Call Me Kat previously aired on Thursday evenings in the US on Fox. However, an official airing date in the UK has yet to be confirmed.

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