WARNING: EastEnders has changed its scheduling tonight

It's a Thursday double whammy

Great news for EastEnders fans, BBC One is serving up two dramatic episodes for your viewing pleasure tonight – one at 7.30pm and another at 8.30pm.

The double whammy is to make up for the lack of EE tomorrow night as it makes way for Children in Need.

And tonight’s episodes are set to be corkers as Ben Mitchell finally comes face to face with the man who raped his mum – James Willmott-Brown.

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Ben’s boyfriend Luke, who also happens to be JWB’s son, told the mechanic on Tuesday that his father wanted to meet him.

Looks like Ben couldn’t resist the opportunity to come face to face with the man who put Kathy through such a horrific ordeal all those years ago.

Desperate to seek revenge on the brute, Ben, who has already killed Heather Trott and come close to killing boyfriend Paul’s murderers, will hatch a plan.

With mum Kathy begging him not to go, Ben decides to confront the problems head on and agrees to meet with Willmott-Brown – with a hammer.

Spoiler pictures released by the BBC show the moment Ben wields a hammer at the rapist, but could he really kill him?

On Friday night’s episode of the BBC soap, viewers watched with intrigue as Ben’s dad Phil discovered Willmott-Brown was Luke’s father.

The Mitchell hardman had visited Willmott-Brown to force him to stay away from Kathy Beale after he cornered her in the cafe, years after he viciously raped her.

Kathy had locked herself away in her house for days after her Halloween horror when the vile businessman tried to intimidate her in the cafe.

But now with Ben ready to deal with Willmott-Brown, will she finally be free of her abuser? And will this lead to Ben’s exit after it was confirmed actor Harry Reid would be leaving the show.

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One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one hell of a showdown.

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