What happens next after the Vigil finale?

Vigil finale: Five questions we still need answering after that damp squib ending

Will there be a second series?

The Vigil finale had viewers glued to their screens last night, with the final episode of the submarine-based thriller providing some closure to the tense thriller.

But did it provide enough? Hmmm.

We still have a few questions, so let’s tie this thing up and put a soggy bow on it.

Will there be another series of Vigil after the series finale?
Could Amy return for a second series? (Credit: BBC)

Vigil finale: Will there be a series two?

We’ll get to everything that happened last night, but first it’s the question on everyone’s lips – can they possibly do another series?

Star Anjli Mohindra (who played Tiffany) told the Radio Times: “There’s been conversations. I think there’s stuff on the horizon. But nothing confirmed just yet.”

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However, if there is to be a second series, how could it be set on a submarine when this particular story has ended?

“We have probably told as many of the stories as we would wish to tell on a submarine,” writer Tom Edge said.

“Some of the characters that we have developed as we’ve made it, they feel like characters that we’d love to burrow into.

“So if there’s a will to do it from everyone else then certainly I would be up for it.”

Does Amy get custody of Poppy?

Thanks to flashbacks, we saw what happened to DCI Amy Silva and why she’s so afraid of confined spaces.

From that horrible accident, only Amy and the daughter of her partner survived.

Subsequently, we’ve seen Poppy now living with her grandparents, much to her dislike.

At the end of the series, with Amy and Kirsten seemingly back together, they went to see the little girl.

So the big question is: now Amy’s back, will she get custody of her?

Amy and Kirsten in the Vigil finale
Will Amy and Kirsten get back together… and stay together? (Credit: BBC)

Are Amy and Kirsten now back together?

Which leads us neatly to Amy and Kirsten’s relationship.

After her ordeal onboard Vigil, Amy had come to the realisation that she desperately wanted to rekindle her relationship with Kirsten.

Kirsten on the other hand was more guarded. After all, Amy did dump her.

But despite the reticence, Kirsten’s heart was obviously bursting.

So what next for these two? A happily ever after?

What was going on with Doward in the Vigil finale?
Doward was a wrong ‘un (Credit: BBC)

What did the Russians have over Doward and why was he a spy?

Doward uttered the immortal “no comment” line in his interview with MI5 when he got back on dry land.

While he explained some parts to the story, we still want to know why he essentially defected and became a saboteur for the Russians.

The fact he admitted he murdered and tinkered with the sub for little more than a PR exercise isn’t good enough… we need to know more!

Vigil finale: What can you see Suranne Jones in next?

Fans can next see Suranne Jones in series two of Gentleman Jack, Sally Wainwright’s hit BBC period drama.

Suranne often keeps fans updated on Instagram with news of what she’s up to, and it’s been clear that production on the series has been hit by Covid.

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But now it’s finally coming towards the end of production, we expect it in the New Year on BBC One.

Suranne is also developing The Final Round – a drama about Jane Couch, the five-time world champion boxer and her struggles to get female boxing recognised.

It’s not clear whether Suranne will star in the drama, but she’s also producing it.

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