Vigil viewers were terrified of the final clfifhanger in episode 5

Vigil episode 5: Viewers given ‘nightmares’ after terrifying cliffhanger

Will Amy survive?

Vigil viewers are all saying the same thing after the tense episode 5 cliffhanger – it was going to give them nightmares.

The BBC One submarine-based thriller really amped up the tension in the finale scenes last night (Sunday September 19).

And the final scene… well, it was a proper hide-behind-your-sofa time.


Vigil episode 5 viewers were terrified of the final clfifhanger
Amy Silva became trapped in a missile chute (Credit: BBC)

What happened in episode five of Vigil last night?

In last night’s episode, the fall-out from Jackie’s death sparked panic on-board the nuclear sub.

The cook’s cause of death was deemed to be a nerve agent concealed in a tin of food, and the task of Coxwain Glover and DCI Amy Silva was to remove it and get off of the sub.

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In a super-tense scene, the whole area was sealed off and the pair crept through wearing protective suits.

When Glover succumbed to the nerve agent, Amy took it to the torpedo room.

As she handed the bagged-up poison to an operative for him to jettison it, he turned on her.

Vigil episode 5 viewers were terrified of the final clfifhanger
Matthew Doward on Vigil (Credit: BBC)

The shock reveal in Vigil episode five!

It was radar man Matthew Doward.

He then punched her and placed her in one of the missile compartments.

The episode ended as water began to fill the tiny compartment.

Not great for Amy – viewers remembered that she barely escaped a sinking car only several years earlier.

How did viewers react to the stunning cliffhanger?

It didn’t take long for viewers to register their own horror at the claustrophobic situation.

One said on Twitter: “I don’t think a TV cliffhanger has left me feeling physically sick before but #Vigil has managed it.”

Another wrote: “I have second hand claustrophobia after that. I normally like a relaxing Sunday evening #Vigil.”

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A third commented: “And none of us are going to be haunted by that final scene as we drop off to sleep tonight, right?!”

Finally, a fourth said: “Well that’s tonight’s nightmare sorted ffs… maybe enough for the whole week.”

On Monday morning, one tweeted: “Anyone else have nightmares of being stuck in a missile launch shoot?!”

Another agreed, saying: “So, everyone had nightmares about being drowned slowly in a missile launch tube, yes?”

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