Shirley Ballas on Strictly come Dancing

Strictly viewers call for Shirley Ballas to be fired after latest fluff-up

The head judge could be in trouble

Saturday night’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing might’ve been the most shambolic ever, thanks to a mishap with the leadership board and Shirley Ballas messing up the order she announced the points.

And now some viewers are calling for the head judge to be sacked, labelling the whole show “embarrassing”.

strictly come dancing
The other judges tried to stop Shirley announcing the wrong name (credit: BBC)

One ED! reader has said: “Well that was embarrassing, what an utter shambles. If THEY can’t do their job properly – which may I add they are getting paid mega money for – they need to leave this section out. Shirley didn’t have a clue who was who, she called Karen Diane, it was unprofessional and a total balls up.”

Another commented: “Disaster by a certain judge,” while another said: “The judges made an absolute balls of the results. Cringe to watch.”

strictly come dancing shirley ballas
The head judge struggled to read her piece of paper (credit: BBC)

Some went even further, saying: “Sack Shirley, she’s biased.” Another added: “These judges need replacing. Bet they don’t get figures wrong on their fat paychecks.”

A third commented: “Sack all the judges it’s fixed anyway and scrap the show next year.”

A fourth wrote: “For God’s sake get rid of her,” referring to Shirley.

The evening began with all remaining seven couples taking to the floor for a group lindy-hop routine.

strictly come dancing tess daly claudia winkleman
Tess was confused about who had received the highest score (credit: BBC)

Shirley, 58, confusingly attempted to explain how the scoring would work but after the performance everything went to hell, when the marks didn’t appear on the board as intended.

The former dance champion had to read the results from a piece of paper, but messed up the order, confusing Ashley Roberts by announcing her name first and leaving presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman confused as to who was top.

She also got the names of professional dancers wrong and blamed her notes.

strictly come dancing
Craig tried to find the notes for Shirley (credit: BBC)

Bruno said sorry, telling the patiently waiting dancers: “I have to apologise, the board went all berserk.”

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But not all viewers were annoyed about the various mishaps, and many fans flocked to offer kinder words to Shirley.

strictly come dancing
The contestants waited to hear the results (credit: BBC)

One commented: “Brilliant Shirley! Loved it! Such a laugh,” while another said: “I think Shirley does a great job, I like her.”

Another wrote: “It was a small mix up, bit funny and no big deal… they all got a giggle.”

ashley roberts strictly come dancing
Ashley looked confused to hear her name first (credit: BBC)

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A third pointed out: “It’s live TV, what happens, happens!! Why’s everyone getting so upset about it?”

Another viewer said: “Shirley is brilliant and knows what she’s talking about!”

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