Viewers convinced Liar suspect Andrew has already revealed his guilt

Sharp-eared viewers reckon he gave himself away in police interview

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After just one episode of ITV’s new Monday night drama Liar we were already gripped by the he said/she said date rape plot.

And tonight’s is hurting our brain…

For anyone buried under a rock, the story centres on the aftermath of a first date between teacher Laura and surgeon Andrew.

After getting on well on their night out, she invited him into her home to wait for a cab.

She is now claiming that he proceeded to rape her – although her memory is sketchy; he swears that they had consensual sex.

Laura reported the alleged attack to police, who are currently investigating.

Laura has gone to police (Credit: ITV)

And, while the first episode teased many secrets about both parties to come – to cast doubt on their stories – some viewers are convinced that the case is already wrapped up.

(Although, as said, the second episode so far is confusing the hell out of us!)

They are basing it on evidence Andrew gave to police when he was taken in for questioning.

He claimed that the pair started kissing in Laura’s bedroom and, as they were lying on her bed, he took her clothes off and she helped him out of his.

But in a flashback scene, we saw Laura wake up in her clothes, before tearing them off and diving into the shower.

Why would he lie about such a thing, unless he is lying about everything, the armchair detectives are asking…

Not all viewers agree it’s an open and shut case, though.

The police are facing a tricky he said/she said case (Credit: ITV)

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One popular theory on Twitter was that the taxi driver who delivered Laura to her date was guilty.

Someone posted: “Definitely was the taxi driver from earlier who did it.

“She was half asleep and remembers saying stop … but it was the driver.”

Another shared: “Calling it now the taxi driver went back and raped her.”

Some people watching believe BOTH Laura and Andrew are telling the truth and that there is another explanation for what took place that night.

One person said: “Liar I think both telling truth, but she’s confused from drink and someone else came to her place after he left.”

Could they both be telling the truth? (Credit: ITV)

“I think they’re both telling the truth. But she might be recalling a past event? Getting the two confused,” suggested another viewer.

Others thought she might have been attacked by her policeman ex.

One viewer tweeted: “Pretty obvious she had another visitor that night… come on then hands up who thinks its the ex.”

“Her ex has something to do with it 100%,” said one.

We are still CLUELESS at this point!

A perfect night took a dark turn in Liar (Credit: ITV)

Joanne Froggatt, who plays Laura, has admitted that she had reservations about taking on the role as she had already been at the centre of another rape storyline in Downton Abbey.

The star said she did “absolutely” have think twice about taking on the topic again, adding: “It was a thought process. I did sort of read it and go, ‘Oh if only it was a different subject matter’.”

“But then I sort of said to myself, ‘This character is so completely different in every way’.”

Joanne as Anna Bates in Downton (Credit: ITV)

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Asked how much filming the drama, which also stars Ioan Gruffudd, changed her understanding of the issue, she said: “It was a real slap in the face of, ‘Wow, this is a really difficult situation to prove or prove your innocence’.”

She added: “No matter which way the story goes, I just think it’s a great thing to be a part of something that can open up conversation about a sensitive subject matter.

“It’s ultimately entertainment, and also I’ve played a murderer three times, so you go ‘actually it’s OK’. I’m an actress, I’ve been doing it for 20 years, and sometimes subject matters are going to come round again.”

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