Viewers swoon at Bradley Walsh’s son on Breaking Dad

He shares his father's cheeky good looks

Fans of TV star Bradley Walsh were left swooning by his son as they watched the duo embark on a road trip for a new ITV series.

The Doctor Who actor and Barney Walsh, 20, set off from Los Angeles in a large camper van in the first episode of Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.

Viewers were immediately struck by Barney’s good looks, with one writing on Twitter: “Bradley’s Son… Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.”

Another wrote: “Always had a bit of a crush on ol Bradley Walsh and then I saw his son.”

A third said: “I’d very much like to marry Bradley Walsh’s son.”

Another viewer said: “Who knew Bradley Walsh had a fit son coz I never.”

One impressed woman tweeted: “Sorry not sorry but Bradley Walsh’s son is FIT.”

An enthusiastic fan said: “Is Bradley Walsh’s son single? Asking for myself.”

Another wrote: “Is Barney Walsh single? Would say I was asking for a friend but that would be a lie.”

The duo visited Venice Beach in the episode for a volleyball lesson and had a workout at Muscle Beach.

Bradley also faced his fears to embark on a skydive and appeared to be moved to tears as he described how it felt when he saw Barney jumped out of the plane.

The show continues on ITV at 8pm on January 9.