Viewers spot big blunder in new ITV drama Bancroft

Crime drama is the latest victim!

TV makers really need to ensure they are on their A game these days, as viewers are super speedy to point out errors on social media.

New ITV crime drama Bancroft has fallen victim to armchair blunder hunters, who claim they spotted a mistake in the opening scene.

The thriller, which stars Sarah Parish as a shady detective, flashed back to 1990 as a young woman – Laura Fraser – was walking home, and crossed a road.

Upon said road was tactile paving…

History buffs think they’ve spotted a mistake (Credit: ITV)

Multiple viewers pointed out that this raised and white ground was not, in fact, introduced in the UK until the early nineties…

Laura Fraser is the murder victim in the cold-case drama (Credit: ITV)

The four-parter also came under fire from some viewers who claimed the first episode was plagued by mumbling and poor sound quality.

Many said they could not fully enjoy the action in the ITV thriller because they could not hear the dialogue well enough.

“Is it me or is the sound really quiet and muffled?” asked one person on Twitter.

“I was excited to get stuck into #Bancroft tonight but the sound quality is appalling making it difficult viewing!” said another disgruntled viewer.

“#Bancroft Another promising drama marred by dodgy sound balance – Det Andy is especially mumbletastic. And that scene with loud background music, shower sound, TV news…” griped another.

One moaned: “Lasted half an hour of #Bancroft nah too much mumbling too boring.”

Some people said they got around any sound issues by switching on the subtitles.

“Why can’t people talk CLEARLY in programmes?! #Bancroft It’s bad enough I have hearing loss but I shouldn’t have to ask people I visit to put their subtitles on so I can understand their mumblings,” said one viewer.

Another said: “Finding the sound awful on #Bancroft! Pitying my neighbours so had to put the subtitles on! Not good enough @ITV.”

Several British television dramas have been hit by complaints over mumbling, with Happy Valley, SS-GB and Jamaica Inn all being criticised.

The drama, written and created by Kate Brooke, sees detective Elizabeth Bancroft (Sarah Parish) try to bring down the pernicious and vicious Kamara gang.

The drama really unfolds though when her colleague – ambitious recruit DS Katherine Stevens – starts working on the case of Laura, who was killed 27 years ago.

Bancroft continues on ITV on Tuesday.

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