Viewers slate annoying Come Dine With Me Galbani advert

Some people are getting really, really cheesed off

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Come Dine With Me fans have turned their nose up at the “embarrassing” ad for mozzarella for the Channel 4 show’s sponsors.

The ‘It’s got to be Galbani’ advertising campaign sees people preparing meals with the cheese – and completely unable to pronounce the brand’s name (which is incredibly easy to pronounce).

The short ads play on a memorable scene from the long-running hosting and cookery series which saw one contestant fail to get their tongue around the word ‘magnificent’.

But it seems the Galbani adverts may not be remembered so fondly, with multiple viewers blasting them for being ‘irritating’.

Say it again, we dare you (Credit: @worldofinitials)

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One frustrated observer commented on Twitter: “The wife goes mental every time that women can’t say Galbani on the #ComeDineWithMe adverts #Galabanani.”

Another apparently unconvinced viewer admitted they couldn’t abide seeing the ads pop up, tweeting: “Those #galbani sponsorship #adverts for #comedinewithme are embarrassing #cdwm.”

And a third person rolled their eyes at the very concept of the ad: “Yep, ‘Galbani‘ is hellishly difficult to pronounce, innit?! 🙄#comedinewithme.”

However, some particularly vexed viewers went even further to slam the brief idents – taking their exasperation out on the garbling, fictional characters making the most of mozzarella.

Almost enough to put you off cheese entirely (Credit: @worldofinitials)

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“Just [bleep]ing say Galbani🤬 #comedinewithme,” raged one infuriated social media user.

And another tormented person also got a bit abusive, reacting: “#ComeDineWithMe It’s Galbani … GALBANI you annoying thick cow!”

Luckily for those who have been thoroughly cheesed off by the Galbani matter, the ads’ run on air is thought to be ending this month.

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