Viewers slam the nonsensical canned laughter on The Generation Game

Was the studio audience not enough?

The Generation Game hit screens last night for the first time in 13 years – and the nostalgia hit divided viewers.

The Generation Game returned to screens – hosted by Mel and Sue (Credit: BBC)

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The two-part special is fronted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins – and is the first return of the classic game show since Graham Norton hosted a one-off celebrity special in 2005.

The special brought back a load of the old 70s fun, with events including plate spinning, sausage making and pottery.

The show included challenges like plate spinning (Credit: BBC)

The show included a few guest appearances – Johnny Vegas, TOWIE’s James Argent and Gemma Collins, Martin Kemp, and staple of the 70s Basil Brush.

And while the return to the classic japes of the past felt comfortable for some, others found the the format fell flat.

Some criticised the use of canned laughter – suggesting that relying on it despite having filmed in front of an audience showed that the comedy was not up to scratch.

The reboot caused division amongst viewers (Credit: BBC)

Others claimed that original host Bruce Forsyth would have been shocked at the new version of the show.

Fans took to Twitter to share there responses – and they did not hold back.

Fans tweeted their responses to the show (Credit: Twitter)

“#GenerationGame BBC can I have my licence fee back as this load of crap is not what I pay for,” one veiwer tweeted.

Some thought the classic show should have stayed in the past (Credit: Twitter)

“#GenerationGame . Not funny ,Mel & Sue were as stiff as old boots, trying too hard with the ‘old favourites’ pottery wheel, sausage making etc. Canned laughter …… do I need to say more?Would have been better to leave the show to our childhood memories 😔,” said another.

Some claimed Bruce Forsyth would hate the new version (Credit: Twitter)

“Generation Game was so awful last night Sir Bruce would be turning in his grave#bbc,” another viewer said.

Others objected to the canned laughter (Credit: Twitter)

“If they could press the canned laughter button a bit less, this would be just fine. #GenerationGame,” one fan said.

But some viewers enjoyed the reboot (Credit: BBC)

But there was far from universal dislike – as several fans tweeted about how much they were enjoying the rejigged blast from the past.

Some found the criticism hard to understand, praising hosts Mel and Sue, and  calling it “feel good” entertainment.

But not everyone was hard on the show (Credit: Twitter)

“Ok I LOVED #GenerationGame and #melandsue,” said one fan.

Some couldn’t see what all the criticism was about (Credit: Twitter)

“What’s up with ya the #GenerationGame was ok! Bit of fun well done #MelandSue @sueperkins think people are taking way too seriously! #Chillout @BBCOne @reallorraine @richardosman @realmartinkemp @JohnnyVegasReal,” said another.

Some enjoyed having some new light entertainment (Credit: Twitter)

“This Generation Game show on catch up is such fun! I mean, I don’t yet know what it’s about but 10min in, its 100% feelgood so I’m happy. And @sueperkins = best ever,” said another fan.

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Some thought it was a case of expectations (Credit: Twitter)

“Let’s give them a break, the show itself was pretty much exactly what the Generation Game always was. The main difference was our expectations. Times have changed, and our sense of humours have changed. Perhaps they should have quit whilst they were ahead. #GenerationGame,” one viewer said.

The special was originally planned to be four episodes long, but has been reduced to two.

The second episode airs on Sunday.

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