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Viewers slam Benedict Cumberbatch drama The Child In Time

Questions weren't answered

Last night a new one-off drama The Child In Time aired on BBC One, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Viewers were hopeful that it was going to be an interesting drama, as the storyline was centred around a parent’s worst nightmare – their child going missing.

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Benedict starred in the drama about a child going missing (Credit: BBC)

The drama was based on the novel of the same name by Ian McEwan, and was a much anticipated new show.

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Benedict played Stephen, a father and children’s author, who struggles to rebuild the relationship with his wife Julie, following the disappearance of their four-year-old daughter Kate.

The audience watched as the couple attempted to piece their lives back together and hold onto the hope that their daughter was still alive somewhere.

The plot threw up more questions that it answered, and the ending was somewhat of an anti-climax… as Kate wasn’t found.

Because it was a one-off, it has left viewers outraged at the cliffhanger, and have branded it a ‘waste of time’.

One viewer tweeted: “I wasn’t keen on the twist ending, where it was revealed that I’d just wasted 90 minutes of a Sunday evening.”

Credit: BBC
Viewers weren’t impressed with the one-off show (Credit: BBC)

Another said: “I feel like I’ve just been to the Tate modern & stood in front of a plastic turd that everyone is marvelling at & Im wtf?”

Another annoyed viewer said: “Just watched #ChildInTime and still don’t know what happened to Kate?”

A fourth said: “#ChildInTime was tedious soul searching rubbish. Stick it on an arts channel not Sunday BBC. It went nowhere and was boring.”

“Well thats 90 mins of my life i’ll never get back…..does anyone know what happened?” said a fifth.

“10 min from end of #ChildInTime I thought ‘how are they going to pull all this together?’ And they didnt. It stayed disjointed, weird & naff,” said another.

Oh dear! Not everything in life has a happy ending…

In other BBC One drama news, the star of Doctor Foster, Suranne Jones, has revealed whether there will be a third series of the hit show.

Doctor Foster could be back for a third series (Credit: BBC)

The star has said she wouldn’t rule out making another series of the hit drama.

The show, currently in the middle of its second series, has viewers gripped.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Suranne said: “If Mike (Bartlett, the writer) comes up with another story then we’ll talk about it.

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“But for now, like the first one, it’s got a really good solid ending.”

The second series has definitely seen things go more than a little bit bonkers, as Gemma Foster and her ex-husband Simon try to get revenge on each other in any way they can think of.

Suranne, who stars opposite Bertie Carvel in the drama, explained: “Hopefully it will make people think twice about divorce or having an affair in the first place.

“I certainly hope it makes people think about how they conduct themselves if they do split with somebody.”

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