Viewers sickened by incestuous lesbian scene in Netflix drama The Sinner

Could you watch it?

Actors best known for comedic roles often try to take on more dramatic parts to extend their range.

Think about Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, or Robin Williams in the creepy One Hour Photo.

The most recent to take this path is Jessica Biel, the glamorous and gorgeous American well-known for her turns in the comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and The A-Team.

Jessica is normally known for lighter roles (Credit: FayesVision/

She’s also married to Justin Timberlake, the famous prankster and light-hearted entertainer.

So when fans tuned into her latest drama on Netflix, The Sinner, they were shocked to discover some extremely dark material.

In the show, Jessica plays a character who kills a man on a beach in broad daylight, but cannot remember why.

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And in one unbelievable scene, the character – suburban mum-of-one Cora Tannetti – engages in some X-rated activity with her own sister.

The creepy scene (Credit: Netflix)

She’s lying in bed with her younger sister Phoebe, when she decides to take it upon herself to demonstrate some of the sexual activity she gets up to with her boyfriend.

Her reasoning is that Phoebe is extremely sick and is unable to enjoy any sex sessions, so she asks Cora to demonstrate.

Cora agrees, and in the icky flashback is shown snogging her little sister, then fondling her breast over her top.

The last thing aghast viewers saw was Phoebe guiding Cora’s hand down into her knickers, panting heavily.

Jessica is married to funnyman Justin Timberlake (Credit: Apega/

Heavens above! Understandably, viewers took to Twitter to air their concerns over the scene.

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One wrote: “I’m sick of watching shows with incest in it. Why did The Sinner have to go there.”

Another said: “What is this incest in The Sinner?? Never felt more uncomfortable in my life.”

Sounds like it’s pretty controversial stuff – and if Jessica was hoping to show there was more to her than comedy, she’s definitely succeeded!

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