Viewers roar with laughter as Jeremy Kyle ‘breaks wrist’ in comedy tumble

Talk-show host does his best Alan Partridge impression

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Anyone who watches The Jeremy Kyle Show on a regular basis will know that it’s usually the guests who make a fool of themselves.

However, the 52-year-old host clearly wanted a piece of the action on Friday’s chaotic instalment of the ITV programme.

Jezza was interviewing a couple who were in dispute about who the true father of their three kids was, and was about to reveal the results of a DNA test to find out once and for all.

However, when the woman hotfooted it with the envelope, Kyle gave chase, and what happened next was one of the funniest things we’ve seen on TV in ages.

John was convinced that the couple’s three kids weren’t his (Credit: ITV)

The segment started with Kyle’s male guest, John, explaining that his fiancée had cheated on him.

He was convinced that none of the couple’s three children were his, and vowed to call off their wedding if he was right.

Then his fiancée, Kelly, came on. And although she didn’t deny that she’d cheated, she insisted that she’d used protection, meaning that all three kids were John’s.

But no sooner had Jeremy been handed the results of a DNA test than Kelly snatched the envelope off him and made her way out of the studio and down a corridor backstage.

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In dramatic scenes, Kyle set off in pursuit of the woman, shouting: “Sorry, those are my envelopes and this is my show!”

And that’s when it all turned a bit Alan Partridge.

Kelly said she’d used protection while cheating on John (Credit: ITV)

The host called out to his security guard: “Dan! Dan! Sorry, I’m jumping on your back…” And then, true to his word, he leapt onto Dan’s from behind.

However, the stunt didn’t end well, with Jeremy somehow losing his balance and ending up in a crumpled heap on the floor.

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Happily he managed to continue his pursuit, and eventually he managed to catch up with Kelly, telling her: “I’ve just broken my wrist, but it doesn’t matter.”

It was then revealed that John is, in fact, the father of all three children. But by then, viewers were too busy wetting themselves with laughter to care!

Kyle seemed to see the funny side after his tumble (Credit: ITV)

One fan tweeted a ‘crying with laughter’ emoji, along with the words: “Oh jezza your [sic] getting too old for piggybacking on the security guard. Nearly broke your back, man.”

Another viewer included three laughter emojis in their tweet, saying: “Surprised they didn’t cut that bit out of him falling over!”

And a third person added: “#jeremykyle falling over has just made my morning!!”

We hope your wrist is OK, Jeremy!

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