Viewers rage following basic BBC Breakfast blunder

And it's not the first time it's happened this month...

BBC Breakfast may be on the telly first thing in the morning, but clearly that doesn’t make its viewers any less alert.

And after an error flashed up on today’s programme, a number of irate fans took to Twitter to have a rant about it.

The blunder occurred while business presenter Steph McGovern was discussing the difficulties faced by the travel industry in recent times.

The rather embarrassing gaffe appeared behind Steph McGovern (Credit: BBC)

Now, accom… acomm… accommodation isn’t the easiest word to spell, but evidently there are plenty of people out there who DO know how to spell it.

And when the word flashed up on screen behind the 35-year-old presenter, spelt INCORRECTLY, it didn’t take long for the clever folk out there to start wagging their fingers.

One viewer spat: “@BBCBreakfast Please teach the infants in your Business Dept to spell – embarrassing & pathetic. No standards…”

Another scathed: “‘Accommodation’ spelt wrong on a caption. Come on, you’re the State Broadcaster!”

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And a third person uploaded a picture of the error alongside a message that read: “Turned on this morning and found this… Come on, BBC Breakfast, basic spelling error!”

We don’t know if the BBC has to turn these reports around quickly, and therefore doesn’t have time to use a spell-checker, but another rather big gaffe occurred on the show earlier this month.

Following the blunder, Steph continued her spiel – but viewers were quick to have their say (Credit: BBC)

In a report about elderly people keeping fit, it was announced that “78% excercise”. And you (hopefully) don’t need us to tell you that it should’ve said “exercise”.

Speaking of elderly fitness types, on today’s show presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt interviewed an 82-year-old sprinter!

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And there was a rather awkward moment when Naga compared the pensioner to Olympic sprint legend Usain Bolt.

After Tony Bowman told the hosts that he could run the 100 metres in 14 seconds, Naga piped up: “It’s only five seconds slower than Usain Bolt, so that’s what puts this into context.”

There was another big spelling blunder on the show earlier this month (Credit: BBC)

But Tony retorted: “I’ve got to pick you up on that a little bit, because five seconds is a long way in the 100 metres.”

Naga hit back by saying: “Yes, but not between an 82-year-old and… how old is Usain Bolt? 28, 29? And one of the greatest athletes we’ve seen on the track.”

But one viewer slammed the presenter’s interview technique, tweeting: “I find this patronising. Stop mentioning his age #superagers.”

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