Viewers OUTRAGED at Ian Beale’s behaviour on EastEnders last night

Legendary character has got fans up in arms

EastEnders left fans fuming last night after Ian Beale left little baby Louie at home alone and went to the pub!

He might only live across the road, and to be fair he did at least take a baby monitor with him, but we’re pretty sure leaving a toddler at home alone while you go to your local is slightly, um, frowned upon.

Viewers were fuming that Ian left little baby Louie at home alone (Credit: BBC)

The usually doting grandad rushed out to The Vic to meet Phil Mitchell in a last minute arrangement to discuss Max Branning. But surely with Phil being sworn off alcohol as he’s an alcoholic – couldn’t the pair have met at the Beales’ house instead?

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The scenes, shown on the Friday night episode, Ian is late getting Phil after complaining he struggled to get Louie to go sleep – but Phil was more interested in the bizarre baby monitor that Ian has bought with him.

Ian tried to explain to Phil that he could hear if Louie woke up through the monitor (Credit: BBC)

Looking as baffled as the rest of the nation, Phil asked Ian what he’s playing at…

Despite Ian announcing you can hear the baby’s cries and be home within seconds, Phil didn’t seem convinced. And if Phil Mitchel is questioning your parenting skills, then you know you’re going wrong somewhere!

Even Phil looked baffled by Ian’s babysitting technique (Credit: BBC)

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their anger at the EastEnders gaffe… 

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While fans weren’t impressed with Ian’s babysitting skills, it seems Ian and Phil’s conversation about Max is gearing everyone up to the big EastEnders Christmas showdown with the Brannings at the forefront.

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