Viewers in stitches as GMB’s Strictly stunt goes hilariously wrong

It looked so easy when Joe and Katya did it!

With the Strictly final taking place this weekend, it seems everyone’s getting excited about the big dancing showpiece – and that includes the presenters of Good Morning Britain.

In a hilarious segment on today’s show, Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold attempted to recreate the ‘Core Challenge’, an ambitious move perfected by Joe McFadden and Katya Jones last weekend.

But while Joe and Katya’s display was stylish and elegant, Kate and Richard’s was… not.

An unusual sight first thing in the morning! (Credit: ITV)

And after their effort went disastrously wrong, viewers took to Twitter to have a titter.

With 2017 Strictly contestant Charlotte Hawkins watching on, and Ben Shephard doing his best to help, Kate, 50, grabbed Richard’s feet and lifted them around her shoulders.

Poor Kate! (Credit: ITV)

As he craned his neck on the floor in a kind of reverse hand-stand, the 48-year-old presenter went an unhealthy shade of red and reminded his colleague that he has a long-haul flight next week.

With the studio descending into chaos, Kate yelled: “I didn’t practise this!”

Finally, she managed to pull off the move – kind of (Credit: ITV)

Despite this, she somehow managed to complete the move – or, at least, a version of it.

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But in a blur of legs and arms, Richard quickly ended up on top of his co-host in a heap on the floor.

Oops! (Credit: ITV)

And the presenters weren’t the only ones falling about – viewers at home were practically wetting themselves!

One tweeted: “I’ve not laughed so much at the TV in ages! Thanks for the Core Challenge, Kate and Richard.”

Another agreed: “Funniest thing ever!!! Kate & Richard THANK YOU.”

And they all came tumbling down! (Credit: ITV)

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And a third guffawed: “I’m done watching GMB with Kate and Richard doing that Strictly move – never seen owt so funny in all my days. Richard’s neck!”

Also appearing on this morning’s show was Judge Rinder, who took part in last year’s Strictly.

The 42-year-old was in the studio to discuss his new series, Judge Rinder’s Crown Court. But he ended up getting into a spat with Ben Shephard over the topic of jury service.

Joe and Katya showed how it’s supposed to be done last weekend (Credit: BBC)

Ben revealed that he’d once been summoned to do some, but had been unable to because of his work as a journalist.

He explained: “I’ve recently been asked to go and do jury service, but because of work and stuff I can’t do it.”

But Rinder was having none of it. He said: “Well, they make judges sit on juries, you know, so I don’t know how you got out of it!”