Viewers in hysterics as dog POOS on Judge Rinder

Who'd have guessed working with children AND animals would end badly?

Judge Rinder is fast becoming a must-watch staple of our telly viewing schedule.

In fact, for moments of pure bizarre hilarity, we think it’s almost overtaking the legendary Jeremy Kyle!

Today, the Judge decided to run his “Christmas Kids’ Court,” where youngsters could bring in their grievances for him to rule over.

Credit: ITV
Judge Rinder’s Kids’ Court in full flow (Credit: ITV)

All was going well, until Rinder brought out his dog, Kevin – dressed as usual in an official robe.

Kevin’s appeared before, but he’s never stolen the show quite like this…

Kevin the dog stole the headlines (Credit: ITV)

As Rinder was holding Kevin up to discuss some finer points of law with him, he did the unthinkable – and did a poo on the judge!

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Bad dog! (Credit: ITV)

Judge Rinder immediately burst out laughing, unable to continue the show due to his struggles for breath.

He said: “I’m afraid my dog’s got a little bit of an upset stomach… just a little bit… I’m afraid the dog’s just pooed a bit on me!”

The audience immediately burst into gales of laughter, with the kids in particular not believing their eyes.

Can’t get the staff, can you? (Credit: ITV)

Viewers at home were also loving the gaffe, taking to Twitter in droves to comment.

One wrote: “Rinder losing it over his dog is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages.”

And another commented: “Absolutely in hysterics laughing at Judge Rinder this afternoon’s case are funny. so embarrassing having a dog poo on him, never work with children or animals (sic).”

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What an early Christmas treat – who knows what other joys Judge Rinder will bring us in 2018 – we bet we won’t see Kevin on air again for some time, though!

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