Viewers already don’t like gorgeous Chad Johnson on Celebrity Big Brother

He's already causing a stir

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Okay, let’s get the facts straight.

Chad Johnson is drop dead gorgeous.


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But for some reason, viewers haven’t warmed to the fella.

Why? Because Chad thinks that every woman wants him and that he can have any of the women in the house.

In last night’s episode, Chad boasted to Big Brother that he could work his charms on the girls.

He said that he hadn’t hit on anyone yet but was interested in all the female cast – except for “the old lady”, clearly referring to lucky escapee Helen Lederer.

He also said that before he’d gone into the house he had researched the rumoured housemates and hadn’t made his mind up at that early stage who to aim for.

“On the outside looking in, I kind of saw their head shots, who the people who thought would be here,” he explained.

“Then you get here and you talk to them and it’s like I don’t know which to choose.

“They’re all enough for me to date now and I like each one of them in separate ways.

“Normally I just choose a girl based on this girl fits who I think is hot and I don’t get to know the other ones.

“But each of these girls is different in their own right and I’m down to date each of them. ”

Lucky girls!

Saying he feared no competition from the rest of the men in the house, he proceeded to pile on the charm as he chatted to Amelia Lilly, Jemma Lucy and Mob Wife Marissa Jade throughout the first night in the house.

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But viewers found his arrogance repellent.

One raged: Chad is so disgusting!”

While another said: “I want to punch Chad in the face with a dose of reality and respect ‘all these girls are hot enough for me to date’ BLEEP right off mate!”

Another said: “Crad thinks he’s on Love Island.”

“Who does #CBBChad think he is? What makes it more annoying is that he’s not even that hot! And arrogance is super unattractive,” said someone else.

He’s not making many friends on the outside world then, but will he be more of a hit within the house?