GMB fans outraged as woman claims dogs are ‘not capable of loving their owners back’

Hundreds of comments piled in

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It might be the most controversial subject they’ve ever dealt with: does your dog love you?

Viewers were left outraged and furiously debating the question, after a guest on Thursday morning’s Good Morning Britain insisted our beloved furry pets don’t feel the emotion.

Adil’s dog didn’t look impressed by the question (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to presenters Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh – who are covering the morning news show while usual hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan are on holiday – welcomed Sunday Telegraph columnist, Dr Zoe Strimpel and TOWIE star Pete Wicks to discuss the subject.

Adil had his own dog, Robin, on his lap as he introduced the guests, telling Dr Strimpel: “We’re not going to get on.”

She offered him a “reality check” adding: “The pet probably doesn’t love you in the same way you love your pet… No pet is capable of the love you’re after.”

The debate got heated (Credit: ITV)

Pete seemed furious, asking her: “Based on what?” as she told him: “Animals aren’t people.”

The reality star replied: “My dog suffers depression and anxiety. He suffers separation anxiety. When I’m not there he won’t eat… I prefer dogs to people.”

The expert explained: “I think love is a complex human emotion… This is just personification. I cringe when I see this.”

Producers later took to Twitter with a poll, asking: “We all love our dogs, but are they really capable of loving you back? 🐶 #GMB.”

It ignited a huge conversation, with over 5,000 votes cast within hours, and over 90% voting yes.

GMB then tweeted: “‘No pet is capable of the kind of love that you’re after’. Dr Zoe Strimpel says pet owners need a ‘reality check’ as ‘pets are not capable of love’ but @P_Wicks01 disagrees. What do you think? #GMB.”

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Over 200 comments on the clip mounted up quickly, with most insisting dogs definitely DO feel love.

One tweeted: “Rubbish. I’ve had six dogs in my life and the love they give is more pure and unconditional than most human beings are capable of.”

Another insisted: “Definitely with @P_Wicks01 in this! Every animal has every emotion.”

A third wrote: “Dogs have the hormone oxytocin, the same as humans. It promotes feeling love & affection. Dogs have the same neurology, chemistry & emotions as humans possess.”

Only a few agreed with the guest, with one saying: “Pets aren’t capable of love the way humans are. You get a much deeper, richer, love from a fellow human being.”

A second commented: “I believe they ape (copy) human emotions or actions, but have no intestinal, spiritual basis for their disposition. Dr. Strimpel is right.”

A third even wrote: “I’m so pleased that a professional has actually said this… We anthropomorphise animals so much… I love animals, but they don’t have human brains, so why would we think they have human mental experience. Because we anthropomorphise, and we shouldn’t.”

The doctor seemed amused by the conversation (Credit: ITV)

Others wondered why everyone was so obsessed with the debate, with one writing: “If having a pet makes you happy and you believe the pets gives you love, what’s the problem?

“I like animals but don’t have any pets due to work and other things I love doing. Whatever makes you happy I say. Life’s too short.”

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We don’t care what anyone says, OUR DOG LOVES US. *Finds an animal to cuddle immediately*

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