Viewers brand teen in Taxi Of Mum And Dad documentary “disgusting” and “rude”

Kevin and Perry have nothing on this kid

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We’re all pretty familiar with stroppy teenagers, but the one who appeared in new Channel 4 documentary Taxi of Mum And Dad really took the biscuit.

In fact, viewers who had tuned in branded him “disgusting” and “rude”.

In the show Ben’s mum is seen driving him to a job interview.

Ben is rude to his mum as she drives him to his job interview (Credit: C4)

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During the ride she perkily gives him advice about what he should say, such as tell his potential employer that he is a good time keeper and that he is very reliable.

But everything she says is met with a grumpy snap back of “Shut up!”

When she says to him, “I’m here to help you out and here to support you. You should be talking to me,” he sulks,”I don’t need help. I don’t need help.”

Ben keeps telling his mum to shut up even thought she is giving him some good advice (Credit: C4)

And yet the loving mum carries on.

“We should be running through…” she begins before grumpy Ben interrupts her and shouts: “Well I don’t need to do that!”

She tries again, “Well what about the history of the place?”, but Ben isn’t having it.

“I don’t need to [BLEEPING] do that!” he snaps.

Viewers thought Ben was deeply unpleasant (Credit: C4)

Viewers watching the show couldn’t believe what they are seeing.

One said: “How unpleasant is that boy whose mum is in the police. Awful.”

Another said: “How is this kid allowed to be so rude to his mum. I wood have been slapped into hell by now.”

A third said: “Really don’t understand how some children can be so rude to their parents. It’s disgusting.”

Other viewers thought Ben’s mum should have taken action,

One said: “Ben’s mum needs to kick him out (car AND house) so he has to grow up.

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Another said: “Ben’s triggered me Turn the music off and speak to your mum, you unemployed wet wipe.”

Clearly Ben’s attitude didn’t go down well with viewers.

Let’s hope none of them are potential employers.