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Viewers blast “irresponsible” Great British Bake Off

The show's hosts were trying to be funny

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It’s not unusual for Channel 4 to start a debate amongst viewers with their risqué programmes, but this time it was the wholesome Great British Bake Off that caused a stir.

Last night’s episode caused outrage after presenter Noel Fielding hid himself in a fridge.

Credit: Channel 4
Noel hid in the fridge as a joke (Credit: Channel 4)

During the episode, Noel was hiding in a fridge and fellow presenter Sandi Toksvig opened the door to find him crouched inside.

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Noel shouted to the bakers how much time they had left to complete their task, before Sandi closed the door on him again.

Although it was obviously supposed to be a funny moment, viewers were furious and were worried about children copying it.

One angry viewer tweeted: “How stupid can you be? You should never shut people in a fridge even for comic effect! Children are watching this!”

Credit: Channel 4
Sandi shut Noel in the fridge (Credit: Channel 4)

Another said: “@noelfielding hiding in a fridge on #GBBO. Big mistake. People have died doing this.”

A third viewer said: “Outraged they’d show climbing into a fridge being fun on @GBBOUK. Super fun when kids do it and suffocate – nice one @Channel4.”

A fourth tweeted: “Seriously? A presenter sat in a fridge? How stupid. Families watch this with children. Have you never heard of imitative behaviour?”

“Very irresponsible to show a grown up hiding in a fridge,” added a fifth.

Last week Great British Bake Off fans revolted, as they chose to switch over to BBC half way through the programme.

Why? Because BBC did a bit of wicked scheduling by airing the new series of Doctor Foster at the same time as the bakers were tucking into their tasks.

Doctor Foster aired half way through Great British Bake Off (Credit: BBC)

The critically acclaimed drama, starring the amazing Suranne Jones, returned for its second series and fans couldn’t wait to find out what happened after having confronted her husband at the end of series one.

Because Doctor Foster started at 9pm, and GBBO ended at 9.15, viewers were forced to miss out on the result of this week’s show until later.

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As viewers do, they took to Twitter to let everyone know that they weren’t happy about the schedule clash.

“Who thought it was a good idea to overlap GBBO and Doctor Foster?” said one.

Another raged: “Doctor Foster over #GBBO any day. BBC programmes are just better.”

A third unhappy telly watcher added: “Forget #GBBO…. It’s time for Dr Foster.”

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