Viewers accuse new Len Goodman show Partners In Rhyme of ripping off Ant and Dec

It reminded them of Wonky Donkey

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When Len Goodman left Strictly last year, hearts were broken across the country.

So imagine how excited viewers were when it was announced that Len was back on telly to host a brand new game show.

But when it launched last night, viewers were horrified by what they saw and slated the show as soon as it started.

Viewers were excited to have Len back on the box – until they saw the show (Credit: BBC)

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The premise of Partners In Rhyme has two contestants battle it out through three rhyme-based challenges to land a place in the final and hopefully win the top prize of a holiday.

Sounds like a nice fun Saturday night entertainment show, doesn’t it?

Anton du Beke, Laila Morse, Matt Richardson and someone else called DJ Dotty were the show’s fist celebrity guests (Credit: BBC)

But for some reason viewers just didn’t buy into the show, which featured celeb guests Anton du Beke, Laila Morse, Matt Richardson and, er, DJ Dotty, and they took to Twitter to share what they thought about it.

Many grumps called for the show to be scrapped after just one epsiode.

On disgruntled viewer raged: “#BBC #PartnersInRhyme I feel like a Victorian attending a public execution: it’s horrible but I can’t look away.”

Another sniped: “Can’t believe such a dreadful programme actually made it to the tv. Let’s hope it gets scrapped. Preferably before next week. #PartnersInRhyme.”

Another said: “Hells bells, I expected the Len Goodman thing to be bad but this is beyond dire.”

Some even said that the show reminded them of Wonky Donkey, the rhyming game show that was a segment on 90s TV show SMTV with Ant & Dec.

Some viewers though Partners in Rhyme was a rip off of Ant & Dec’s Wonky Donkey (Credit: ITV)

One viewer said: “Ant & Dec did this first. And better.”

Another said: “Ant and Dec did this on Saturday morning – called wonky donkey.”

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Another viewer said the show was worse than one of the BBC’s most notorious flops, Hole In The Wall.

“I never would have imagined the BBC could make a gameshow worse than Hole in the Wall, but somehow they’ve managed it,” moaned Ben Mortimer.

Someone who was an actual audience member during the filming of the show tweeted: “At least the folk complaining had to watch the edited highlights. I had to endure 2.5 hrs hell in the studio recording!”

Oh dear, let’s give it chance to bed in.

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