Viewers accuse Celebrity Big Brother win of being “fixed”

They weren't happy with the final outcome

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In the most unlikely news since Brexit/ Donald Trump being president/ Camilla from Love Island having sex on the telly, Sarah Harding has won Celebrity Big Brother.

And it’s caused a lot of controversy.

Many viewers turned to social media to suggest that someone who hadn’t seemed popular with the public winning meant that the result was a fix.

One said: “Can’t believe #sarahhardingwon. Thought it was a fix a few weeks back tbh. They never tell you the % votes either do they.”

Another posted: ‘There is no way someone who has a dismal reception like that can win. Sarah is clearly not liked. This show screams fix!”

A third added: “How did Sarah win yet when you look on Twitter pretty much everyone hates her? So who voted for her then? #CBBfinal what a fix”

Sarah won the series on Friday night ahead of Amelia Lily, who came second, Sam Thompson who ended up in third and Derek Acorah who came fourth.

Sarah’s now-boyfriend Chad Johnson came fifth, with her on-again-off-again nemesis Jemma Lucy coming sixth.

And while viewers might have been surprised that she won – even though it’s pretty common in Big Brother history for the most famous and contentious housemate to win, rather than someone sweet who did a lot of washing up, FYI – Sarah herself was pretty baffled too.

“I’m just in shock, I can’t believe it, it’s been a bit of a tough ride,” she said.

Look in the dictionary and you’ll find that under ‘understatement’.

Sarah also told Emma about her life before CBB, and how she’d needed the show to make a change.

“I’d been living in the countryside with my dogs, I knew I just had to get back out there,” she said. “My confidence levels had dropped, I needed a new chapter to start afresh.”

The countryside with the dogs sounds pretty nice though. But fair enough.

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Sarah said she also had no idea how she had won a series that’s involved her having rows, getting up to stuff under duvets, and everything else a human being could fit in in a few weeks.

“I have literally gone through the whole spectrum of emotions, maybe I was just real and honest to myself.”

Her former bandmate Nadine Coyle backed up her theory earlier this week too: “Inside info on Sarah, she is a very natural being. She dwells on of her feelings & acts on them. It is what makes her so unique.

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“Those of us who know & love her know that. The support from you guys will mean the world to her!! Xx”

Throughout the show, many people had been worried about Sarah’s mental health and erratic behaviour – and especially about how she’d react to the negative coverage she had when she got outside.

Hopefully the win will knock the bad stuff down the Google rankings – and give Sarah a much-needed injection of self-confidence after a lot of pretty unpleasant and, at times, cruel coverage. Go Sarah!