Jack Wheeler's body was found in a landfill dump

Unsolved Mysteries 2: Washington Insider Murder questions answered

How did Jack Wheeler's body end up in a landfill dump?

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The second series of Unsolved Mysteries 2 has dropped on Netflix – and murder mystery fans are sure to love it.

This volume of six new episodes kicks off with ‘Washington Insider Murder’.

It recounts how Jack Wheeler’s body was found in a landfill dump on December 30 2010 in Delaware in the US.

The former government and Presidential advisor had apparently been killed by a “blunt force trauma”.

But how he sustained this fatal injury and the reasons behind his erratic behaviour in the last few days of his life have remained a mystery…

Jack Wheeler's body was found in a landfill dump
Washington Insider Murder looks at the death of Jack Wheeler (Credit: Netflix YouTube)

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A combination of CCTV footage and news reports led to claims he had seemed disoriented. It is has also been suggested he was spotted wearing a black hoodie – clothing Jack wouldn’t usually wear – and only one shoe.

But what happened to Jack, 66, who also held numerous positions in the United States military? 

And what other questions will viewers want answers to?

Questions around the death of Jack Wheeler in Unsolved Mysteries 2: Washington Insider Murder

Jack Wheeler had worked for the US Government
Jack Wheeler had been a Presidential aide (Credit: Netflix YouTube)

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Why did Jack look out of sorts just 14 hours before his body was found?

Security footage from a garage about 14 miles away from where his body was discovered has thrown up many questions.

The video showing Wheeler behaving unpredictably, seemingly confused and wandering about. He was without a coat, limping and missing a shoe – and those close to him have noted a man used to wearing suits like Jack was unlikely to even own a hoodie he was spotted in.

He also told the garage attendant that he was trying to warm up – and that his briefcase had been stolen. Very oddly however, his car was found in a different car park.

One former investigator has speculated Jack may have suffered a stroke before accidentally coming into contact with criminals who robbed and killed him.

Jack Wheeler was filmed by CCTV wearing clothes he wouldn't wear ordinarily
Why did he go to the car park in Wilmington? (Credit: Netflix YouTube)

Or did Jack’s work with the government lead to his death?

Unsurprisingly, being a powerful man – Jack was also a consultant and chief executive of Mothers Against Drunk Driving – the nature of his employment has also thrown up theories about his grisly end.

Early on in the episode, a journalist also ponders whether Jack’s bipolar condition had a role to play in his death.

It is noted that Jack had a brilliant mind for his various roles, and that he was always several steps ahead of everybody else with his thinking.

But it is also claimed his condition held him back, as well as providing him with incredible energy.

It is also suggested a man of his position could be a target for those working within organised crime.

Did Jack make an enemy of the wrong kind of crowd somehow?

Jack Wheeler died in December 2010 in the United States
His death was covered by the news (Credit: Netflix YouTube)

Were there ‘issues’ with a neighbour?

It is claimed Jack rowed with a neighbour over building work that allegedly blocked the view from his own house. And it is also claimed that police later found evidence following his death that Jack may have been involved in an arson attempt linked to the row.

Furthermore, it appears he asked for a temporary restraining order against neighbours, which was not granted.

But why was Jack’s mobile phone reportedly found on his neighbour’s property just a week after his death?

How did Jack move about before he died?

Jack lived in New Castle, Delaware – about 7 miles away from the Wilmington car park where he was seen, apparently in a confused state. And Wilmington is approximately 14 miles away from where his body was found.

A witness claimed to have shared a taxi with Jack to Newark, where the landfill site is, late in the evening before his death.

However, friends told how their last sighting of him two days before was as he caught a train to New York with a Christmas present for his wife.

It is believed he then boarded another train to Washington. And then he must have moved on to Wilmington, the location of the car park. That evening, smoke bombs went off at a neighbour’s property.

Was Jack given a lift?

Not the one he asked for, at least. The evening before his death, an ‘upset’ Jack asked a local New Castle pharmacist to ‘give him a ride’.

Within an hour he was at the car park in Wilmington. It has never been explained how he travelled – even though he claimed his brother had driven him to the location.

Problem was, his brother had died some years previously.

– Unsolved Mysteries 2 is available to watch on Netflix now (from Monday, October 19)

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