Fans think Fiona is a major suspect in Unforgotten

Unforgotten series four episode three: Eight burning questions we have after watching!

Are Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar's characters getting closer to the truth?

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Unforgotten series four continued on ITV1 tonight (Tuesday March 09 2021) – and episode three left us with some serious questions.

DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan finally interviewed the four possible suspects linked to Robert Fogarty and the death of Matty Walsh.

Here are eight burning questions we have after watching Unforgotten episode three.

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Liz White as Fiona Grayson in Unforgotten (Credit: ITV1)

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Unforgotten episode three questions: Was it murder or an accident?

DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan interviewed the four remaining police probationary officers.

When they showed each of them a picture of the victim, each had their own flashback of the night in question.

Viewers received a glimpse at the truth, but only briefly.

Did Liz, Ram, Fiona, Dean and Robert plan to murder Matthew Walsh?

Or was it a tragic accident?

One flashback saw a man lying on the ground being beaten – was it victim Matty?

Is Ram Sidhu the ‘Asian man’ seen running towards Matthew Walsh?

An eyewitness remembers seeing an ‘Asian man’ and a tall man running after the victim on the night he disappeared.

And they knew his name…

While we appreciate there’s more than one Asian man in the area, it seems like too much of a coincidence – especially as we haven’t seen a very flattering portrait of Ram so far.

If Ram was the chaser, this leads Cassie and Sunny to believe any attack would have been provoked and planned.

Cassie talks to Dean in Unforgotten
Cassie talks to Dean in Unforgotten (Credit: ITV1)

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What is the link between the five probation officers and Matthew Walsh?

After episode three, the only link we have between Matthew Walsh and the five probation officers is that the victim was cautioned three weeks before his death – possibly by Ram.

But what happened to make Ram run after him three weeks later?

He is clearly hiding something, and refused to talk to DS Sunny about the incident.

Unforgotten episode three questions: Why was the body kept for 30 years?

This remains a mystery.

Was it an insurance against his alleged co-conspirators? A way of blackmailing them?

If whoever killed Matthew Walsh had buried the body, he would be worm food by now.

Matthew’s body may never have been found.

Ram consoles his partner after they discover her unborn baby might have Down's Syndrome (Credit: ITV1)
Ram consoles his partner after they discover her unborn baby might have Down’s Syndrome (Credit: ITV1)

Why did they chop up the body?

Again, why go to such lengths to dismember Matthew Walsh’s body if only to KEEP it locked in your fridge?

By beheading the body and cutting off his hands and feet, it took Cassie and Sunny a little longer to identify him.

But a very conspicuous and rare tattoo made identification possible – so why bother chopping him up at all?

As yet, we have no cause of death – although that may change now they have found the rest of the body.

Did Fiona have sex with the victim? Was she raped?

In Fiona’s fleeting flashback, we see her having what appears to be rough sex with a man.

The memory is triggered by seeing a photo of Matthew Walsh.

Could she have had sex with Matthew in the week’s leading up to his death?

Or was she raped? That could explain why the five officers wanted revenge.

During her interview with Cassie, Fiona reveals she was an alcoholic at the time of Walsh’s disappearance.

It was her excuse for not remembering anything – but was she telling the truth?

And what is Fiona’s criminal conviction? At the beginning of episode three, she tries to pull out of buying a house.

She tells her brother in law she has a historic criminal conviction that might jeopardise the transaction.

Susan Lynch joins the cast of Unforgotten series four
Susan Lynch stars in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)

Unforgotten episode three questions: What is a coconut?

During a fraught conversation between Ram and Sunny, Ram accuses Sunny of being a “coconut”.

Seething with vitriol, Ram says to Sanjeev Bhaskar’s character: “Maybe you are one of those coconuts.”

A coconut is an unpleasant slang term for a black man who acts white – someone who is brown on the outside but white on the inside.

Who does Ram call at the end of episode three?

At the end of episode three, Ram makes a call.

He says to the mysterious other person: “We meet to talk.”

Meanwhile, Fiona tracks down Liz and the pair agree to meet in secret.

Unforgotten series four continues at 9pm on Monday March 15 2021 on ITV1.

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