Fans of Unforgotten season 4 provided new theories

Unforgotten season 4: Fans convinced Liz and Fiona teamed up to murder Matthew Walsh

Things are starting to hot up...

Unforgotten season 4 continues to set pulses racing, and now after last night’s fourth episode (Monday March 15) fans have a new theory as to who killed Matthew Walsh.

The fan speculation all centred around a meeting between Liz Baildon (Susan Lynch) and Fiona Grayson (Liz White).

Liz and Fiona met for a chat in Unforgotten
Liz and Fiona met for a chat (Credit: ITV)

What happened in Unforgotten season 4 last night?

The two met up in secret last night, and viewers were convinced they have something to do with the murder back in 1990.

Furthermore, with the pair showing genuine affection for each other, many viewers thought that they had an affair back in the day.

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“I told them the truth Fiona, like we agreed,” Liz told Fiona.

And Fiona replied, repeating their agreed story: “After Rob got pulled over, you drove the rest of them home, before driving Rob’s car back and walking home from there.”

It wasn’t long before fans took to social media to react to the scene.

What were the viewers’ fan theories after last night’s episode?

Convinced that the pair were lovers and they had something to do with Matthew Walsh’s death, viewers took to Twitter to share their theories.

One said: “Liz Baildon definitely did it but Fiona helped her with the body because they were lovers.”

Another thought that Walsh had tried to assault Fiona, with Liz taking revenge.

Liz is my main suspect. She has them all under the thumb.

“Could Liz have lashed out at Walsh and killed him because he tried to rape Fiona perhaps??” one fan theorised.

A third said: “Liz is my main suspect. She has them all under the thumb.”

Fans of Unforgotten provided new theories
Fans came up with more theories (Credit: ITV)

What are the other theories?

Another theory revolved around whether Robert Fogarty was still alive or not.

Fogarty owned the freezer Matthew Walsh’s remains were found in.

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One fan said: “Fogerty is still alive, living under a different name, that’s who they’ve been contacting.

“Are they all being blackmailed by him? Doing what he says?”

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