Unforgotten episode four questions

Unforgotten episode four questions: Six burning questions we have after watching ITV series

Was it murder or an accident? What are the four former friends hiding?

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Unforgotten series four continued on ITV1 on Monday night (March 15 2021), and episode four left us with six burning questions after watching!

Viewers saw DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan get one step closer to the truth when they discovered a historic link between the victim and the four possible suspects.

But was it an accident? And what are the four former friends hiding?

Here’s what we want to know ahead of next week’s penultimate episode.

***Warning: major spoilers from episode four of Unforgotten ahead***

Fiona and Liz meet up in episode four of Unforgotten
Fiona and Liz met up in episode four of Unforgotten (Credit: ITV1)

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Was Matthew’s death an accident or murder?

Last week, the police finally found the rest of Matthew Walsh’s remains – his head.

As a result, the pathologist was finally able to determine the cause of death.

DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan discover that Matthew died as a result of a head wound.

He was killed in an allotment by a 10cm long metal spike in his skull.

But did he trip and fall in a tragic accident? Or was he stabbed with intent?

Matty’s brother Clive witnessed three men and two women chasing his brother just before he died…

Sounds like there was intent to us!

Unforgotten episode four questions: What are the four friends hiding?

Obviously this is the big question – they all know what happened, but are sticking to their version of the truth.

Viewers saw Liz and Fiona meet up in secret, with Liz clearly in charge.

She told Fiona: “I told them the truth Fiona, like we agreed.”

Liz pushed Fiona to remember their agreed story, to which Fiona replied: “After Rob got pulled over, you drove the rest of them home, before driving Rob’s car back and walking home from there.”

But there was a touching tenderness between the women, suggesting genuine affection.

The four former colleagues clearly agreed on a story and are all sticking to it.

DS Khan even comments on how similar each of their stories are.

Cassie is struggling under the weight of the case and her father's dementia (Credit: ITV)
Cassie is struggling under the weight of the case and her father’s dementia (Credit: ITV)

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Unforgotten episode four questions: What happened in the pub?

The altercation at the pub is crucial.

Talking to Liz, Fiona says: “What about the pub?

“If they found out about the pub, they might find out about the rest.

“About what you did for me.”

We know that three weeks before Matthew Walsh went missing, he was cautioned for an altercation in a pub.

DCI Cassie and DS Sunny believe – with good reason – that the altercation was with Ram.

We’re told that Matty made a pass at a woman, she rebuffed him, and “he got lairy” and made racially abusive remarks.

The sergeant in charge wanted the incident buried and only gave Matty a caution.

But why? Was the sergeant Fiona’s late dad, a senior policeman trying to protect his daughter?

And was this cause enough for the friends to want Matty dead?

Perhaps our first theory was correct – that Fiona was assaulted and her friends sought vengeance on her behalf.

Why did none of them have guests at their passing out party?

DCI Cassie and DS Sunny discover that the five probationers all attended their ‘passing out’ party without a guest.

Liz, Fiona, Dean, Ram and the now deceased Robert Fogarty went alone to the event – the equivalent of their graduation.

So were they all loners?

Or had they already planned to attack Matthew Walsh on the way home?

Andy Nyman as Dean in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)
Andy Nyman as Dean in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)

Unforgotten episode four questions: What is Dean hiding from his past?

Dean has a whopper of a secret – but what is it?

He has no criminal record, no birth certificate and is not on the Census pre 1991.

When Dean’s wife Marnie finds out Dean has been interviewed by the police, she says: “Apparently a detective interviewed you the other day.

“What was it about?”

Dean answered: “Not that. There’s nothing that will ever be able to connect us to that now. Promise.”

Wait, what? More secrets and lies!?

In yet more intriguing scenes, Marnie accuses her husband of writing a Mother’s Day card for “a mother you said has died”.

Fiona’s criminal conviction – who tampered with the evidence?

Fiona has been hiding a criminal conviction from her family.

In 1993, she was convicted of dangerous driving after being involved in a car accident in which a toddler was killed.

She tells her husband: “Twenty seven years ago, I killed a child. A car crash. A little boy died. I got a conviction for dangerous driving.”

We see her insist it wasn’t her fault, but the arresting officer believed she was drunk.

However, DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan discover that her blood test was lost.

If the test had come back positive, she would have gone to jail.

Who is protecting her? And why?

Unforgotten continues on Monday March 22 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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