TWO major characters set to leave Walford for a new life next week

The EastEnders favourites are off

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It’s not been that long since they returned to Walford, newly engaged and happily loved-up.

But already things aren’t going well for Whitney and Woody (Shona McGarty and Lee Ryan).

Living with her former in-laws the Carters – including Mick, who she shared a couple of snogs with – certainly can’t help.

Nor can the fact that Mick (Danny Dyer) clearly hates Woody’s guts and doesn’t want him around.

And now that Woody has found out his fiancée has been keeping the truth from him, things have got even worse.

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Poor Woody had to hear from Whitney’s ex-husband’s best mate Moose that those divorce papers she’s been waiting on have actually already been signed, sealed and delivered.

And the fact that Moose clearly has feelings for his pal’s former missus isn’t helping matters either.

So when Woody is offered a job managing a bar in Spain, it’s no surprise that he’s tempted.

Getting away from Walford is an attractive proposition at the best of times, but especially when your fiancée is being cagey and the pub you work and live in might be about to close.

But it’s a tough decision for Woody, until Linda (Kellie Bright) points out the obvious – he could ask Whitney to go with him. Surely she’d want to escape E20 too?

Yep, she does. The couple are excited and plan to leave straight away.

So cue a hastily thrown together Spanish-themed leaving party in the Vic, complete with sombreros, sangria and straw donkeys.

But an argument between the engaged pair threatens to put a halt to the whole thing, until Mick and Linda get involved with some amateur couples counselling and get them back together.

In a nice final gesture (well, she did nearly split them up), Whitney donates her unused wedding gifts to be sold off, with the money to go to the ‘Save The Vic’ fund.

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With the emotional goodbyes in full flow, will Whitney and Woody really leave Walford for good?

These scenes will air on Tuesday 28th November at 8pm on BBC1.