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Twitter erupts as Tipping Point contestant gets five out of six answers wrong in the final

Even host Ben Shephard couldn't help but laugh!

Twitter erupted after today’s Tipping Point (February 25) after a contestant called Ben got five out of six answers wrong in the final round.

Ben didn’t do badly in the rounds leading up to the Tipping Point final, amassing £2,900 to take through to the final.

However, it was there that it all started to unravel – much to the delight of viewers at home, and even host Ben Shephard, who was seen giggling at some of Ben’s answers.

tipping point contestant
It’s fair to say contestant Ben didn’t fare well in today’s Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the Tipping Point final today?

Viewers at home watched as Ben got question after question wrong in the show’s final.

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Music, geography, literature, sport and food and drink all seemed to have him stumped.

“Will he be the first person to get all the final questions wrong?” asked one viewer on Twitter.

“Is this going to be the first 0/6 ever?” another asked.

tipping point contestant
Twitter erupted as Ben got five our of six answers wrong on Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

However, Ben saved himself from that fate thanks to his last question, which was about dogs.

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The answer did little to save him from becoming the butt of the jokes on Twitter, though.

And it meant that he also wasn’t emigrating to Canada with the £10,000 jackpot in his pocket.

ben shepherd tipping point
Ben Shephard could only laugh at some of the answers (Credit: ITV)

What did Tipping Point viewers say on Twitter?

Some of the more savage viewers branded poor Ben the “most stupidest contestant ever”.

Kind of laughing at the tweets but Ben did go with £3,150.

Another added: “I think we’ve just found the stupidest contestant in #TippingPoint history!”

“Gotta be one of the worst last rounds ever on Tipping Point,” said another.

“That is an hour of my life I’ll never get back,” said another.

“Just go home Ben,” said another.

tipping point contestant
Ben saw a lot of red on the show today (Credit: ITV)

‘He did go home with £3,150’

Others had Ben’s back though and agreed they wouldn’t have got the questions right either.

“These questions have been shocking to be fair,” said one.

Others found a bright side to Ben’s game.

“It’s a good job he banked so much throughout the show because he done terrible in the final,” one viewer tweeted.

“Kind of laughing at the tweets but Ben did go with £3,150,” another commented.

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