Trigger Point: Adrian Lester's 'terrible' health condition that 'affected his childhood'

Trigger Point: Adrian Lester’s ‘terrible’ health condition that ‘affected his childhood’

Treatment exposed him to new possibilities

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Actor Adrian Lester, perhaps best known for playing Mickey Stone in Hustle, stars alongside Vicky McClure in ITV’s Trigger Point.

He plays Joel ‘Nut’ Nutkins, a member of a Bomb Disposal Squad. Vicky, meanwhile, is fellow officer Lana Washington, with whom Joel also served in the military.

Adrian may be all action as Joel, but the Birmingham-born star feels his life was impacted as he suffered with a health condition as a child.

He also previously reflected on how it wasn’t recognised when he was younger – and how a solution pushed him on to performing.

Trigger Point stars Adrian Lester as Joel Nutkins
Trigger Point stars Adrian Lester as Joel Nutkins (Credit: ITV)

What health condition did Trigger Point star Adrian Lester suffer with?

Adrian addressed how asthma tested him when he spoke with

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He recalled: “My asthma is triggered by dust and cats, but it was misdiagnosed as ‘a chesty cough’ for years. It really affected my childhood.

“When the air was cold, I couldn’t run – I couldn’t play football. It was terrible, especially when a lot of boys are judged on their physical achievements. I felt like the wheezing footballer nobody wanted to pick.”

I felt like the wheezing footballer nobody wanted to pick.

Adrian also mentioned how an attack during a cross-country run aged 12 left him on his knees. A teacher forced him to continue – and Adrian nearly passed out.

Adrian's life turned around at 13
Adrian’s life turned around at 13 (Credit: National Theatre YouTube)

‘The whole world opened up’

Thankfully, treatment transformed Adrian’s physical capabilities.

And it meant he could try out – and thrive at – various forms of performance that must have seemed beyond reach when he struggled with his breathing.

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Adrian continued: “But at 13 I got an inhaler, and then the whole world opened up. I started ballet and street dance, and joined a youth theatre. I chose a profession that I wanted to work in for the rest of my life.”

Trigger Point airs on ITV on Sunday January 23 at 9pm.

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