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Traces: Is Mrs MacAfee actress Stella Gonet from House of Eliott

Viewers might recognise her from Holby City

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In Traces, Mrs MacAfee is played by actress Stella Gonet.

Viewers tuning in for the drama on BBC One will recognise her face from a number of TV shows, but what else has she been in?

Read on to find out more about the Scottish star.

Traces viewers might recognise the actress who plays Mrs MacAfee (Credit: BBC)

Who is Mrs MacAfee actress Stella Gonet?

Stella Gonet has appeared in numerous shows, most notably BBC One 90s drama House of Eliott and she’s also known for her work on stage.

As a theatre actress, she has worked alongside the likes of reclusive Hollywood star Daniel Day-Lewis, in Hamlet for the National Theatre.

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She also played late former PM Margaret Thatcher in the West End show Handbagged.

Stella was born in 1960 and has two children. Her husband is actor Nicholas Farrell.

Stella Gonet as Mrs MacAfee (Credit: BBC)

Who else has the Traces actress played besides Mrs MacAfee?

On TV, she was most recently in the show The Salisbury Poisonings. In that series she played retired civil servant Caroline Sturgess, mother of Dawn Sturgess, a victim of the Novichok poisoning.

She was also Leah in Breeders, a Sky comedy, and Elizabeth in Australian-British drama The Cry, which she starred in with Jenna Coleman.

The Cry told the story of a baby disappearing from a small town in Australia – and the disintegrating psychology of the young couple dealing with the aftermath.

Speaking about her role in that series in 2018, she said: “My character lives in Melbourne, she’s very much the centre of calm and Elizabeth and Joanna [Jenna’s character], that’s been a lovely journey to go on.

I keep thinking I’m going to have to have 10 years of unemployment to make up for having the best job ever!

“And I’ve seen in it where I bond with Joanna over the difficulty of Alistair [Joanna’s partner, played by Ewen Leslie].

“But it’s also been a great job because the role has been so interesting and to get under the skin of a woman who has obviously buried a lot of stuff over the years, which is very interesting… to play that.

The Scottish actress was also in The Cry and Holby City (Credit: /

Traces star’s ‘best job ever’ was The Cry

She added: “I keep thinking I’m going to have to have 10 years of unemployment. Make up for having the best job ever!”

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Eagle-eyed viewers might also recognise her from The Crown, as she was historian Margaret Lambert in series two, episode six of the popular Netflix drama.

Going further back in her career, she was Jayne Grayson in Holby City between 2007 and 2009. She also played Beatrice in the BBC series The House of Elliott in the 1990s.

She is married to actor Nicholas Farrell (Credit: /

Mrs MacAfee in Traces: Who is actress Stella Gonet’s husband?

Stella is married to film star Nicholas Farrell.

The actor, born in 1955, has been in a host of big movies, including 2011’s The Iron Lady and the Tom Hardy flick Legend.

He was also in Chariots of Fire, the 1981 historical drama that won the Oscar for Best Picture, among other categories.

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