TOWIE stars air their feelings on Kate Wright

Bombshell for former cast member

Kate Wright appears to be having a whale of a time since leaving TOWIE.

The 26-year-old has been spending loads of time with boyfriend Rio Ferdinand and his three kids, and it was reported last week that they could be moving in together.

However, Kate’s smile might just turn into a frown when she hears what her former TOWIE colleagues said about her in a recent interview…

James ‘Diags’ Bennewith and Kate’s ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar were speaking to the Daily Star about the cast members they’d love to see back on the show.

And while they paid a glowing tribute to Joey Essex, who quit the ITV reality show in 2013, they weren’t so kind in their remarks about Kate.

Speaking of his former romance with the blonde star, Dan, 27, said: “By the time it ended, we were done. I don’t see her any more, which is probably a good thing.

“We don’t see her out, as we move in completely different circles now.”

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But while Kate would probably understand her ex not missing her, she might be more miffed to hear what Diags had to say.

The 26-year-old remarked: “She’s definitely the one person we wouldn’t want to come back.”

The TOWIE duo would definitely love to see Joey Essex make a return to the show, though. He is, after all, Diags’s best mate.

“Joey is definitely our number one,” revealed Diags. “I came on the show with him, so he’s just got to come back.

“We’ve all grown up together and if he was to come back, I’d never leave. I’d do TOWIE until I was 60, I don’t care.”

Hopefully, Kate won’t mind too much. After all, she’s definitely popular with Rio and his kids. There’s even been talk of the loved-up couple adding to the Ferdinand brood in the future.

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A source told Now magazine: “There are no doubts in either of their minds that this relationship is the real deal, and having children would be the icing on the cake.

“Kate has already formed a special bond with Rio’s kids, and he knows she’ll be a great mum.

“With Kate taking time out of her career, it seems the perfect time to put their baby plan into action.”