TOWIE star responds to pregnancy speculation in a brilliant way

She shut the haters down

TOWIE beauty Georgia Kousoulou has hit back at the people who said she looked pregnant in a promotional picture for the new series of the hit TV show.

ITVBe shared a cute black and white photo of Georgia and her boyfriend Tommy Mallet from the show’s photo shoot. The snap shows Georgia looking curvy and absolutely gorgeous, but some people commented on her figure saying she looks pregnant. Bit harsh!

Credit: Instagram @towie
This is the picture that got people speculating that she was pregnant (Credit: Instagram @towie)

When the photo was posted online one person responded: “Is Georgia pregnant omg?” while another said: “She looks like shes got a lil baby bump or is that just me??”

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Many others commented: “I think she’s pregnant!” and: “Is she pregnant as she looks it in this pic.” But Georgia shut down the haters in the best possible way.

To respond to all the comments that she looks pregnant, Georgia posted an inspirational quote on her Instagram. The quote reads: “Girls don’t just simply decide to hate their bodies, we teach them to.”

She wrote a long caption to go with the image, talking about the TOWIE photo and body shamers.

She said: “Seen this quote & thought I would share as this message is so true & powerful .. so the full picture of me & Tommys towie shoot picture got put up on Towie’s insta .. the first thing people asked was if I was pregnant or if I put on weight.

Credit: Instagram @georgiakousoulou
Gorgeous Georgia hit back at the body shamers (Credit: Instagram @georgiakousoulou)

“I jumped straight on the Defence & stated it was the wrong angle & the photographer was sitting down … plus i had just eaten …

“Then I realised why the [expletive] do I need to justify myself to these negative comments .. but anyway I can handle the comments (sometimes) but what are we teaching the young girls growing up on social media?!

“I don’t care what you say about me but PLEASE think of the girls / women reading them comments that think my body is good because there gonna than think .. ‘well if she’s fat, I must be’

“Please let’s teach our girls and women that NO ONE is perfect & we need to start learning to love what we have.

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“Life is hard enough, we don’t need to spread body shaming or any kind of trolling … just ask yourself .. would I want my daughter / sister to read these comments? I certainly wouldn’t. Ps remember just because I’m on tv does not mean I have to be “perfect ” because I’m NOT. no one is! I’m a normal 26 year old girl just trying to live [sic].”

Preach it sista!

Credit: Instagram @georgiakousoulou
She shut the haters down with this inspirational post (Credit: Instagram @georgiakousoulou)

Of course, in response to this she received many comments from her fans who wanted to show support for her.

One fan said: “Can I just say you look stunning in your towie picture wish more women were like you instead of magazines photoshopping making us teenagers feel like we have to be a certain size to look good.”

Another said: “Ignore the haters. There’s always going to be jealous girls who pick on other girls flaws instead of encouraging them to embrace them!! Your figure is fab and I’d kill to have it.” We totally agree!

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