TOWIE star quits following accusations of bullying

Controversial star is fed up of getting "agg"

The only way is out of here for TOWIE’s Tommy Mallet – the controversial star has announced that he’s quitting the show after four years.

And it’s fair to say that things are going to be a lot quieter without the 25-year-old around.

During his time on the programme, Tommy has been involved in his fair share of bust-ups, the most recent of which saw him and his girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou accused of “bullying” over comments that left Megan McKenna in tears.

However, Georgia, 26, has revealed that she WON’T be following Tommy through the exit door…

Tommy told the Daily Star: “I owe a lot to the show and will always be a part of it, but it’s time to concentrate on my businesses.

“I’m working two jobs, and I’m in big, important meetings one day and the next I’m on TOWIE getting agg, swearing and calling someone something which is to rude to print.”

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Last year, The Sun Online reported that Tommy had had a blazing row with Dan Edgar at a restaurant, in scenes that weren’t filmed for the show.

He’s also had verbals with fellow cast members Pete Wicks and James Lock.

And he found himself at the centre of another controversy last month when him and Georgia were accused by fans of “bullying” Megan McKenna, leaving her in tears.

After that incident, Tommy seemed to be displeased with the Essex show, taking to Twitter to express his feelings.

In a tweet that was later deleted, he scathed: “After watching that scene, The Only Way Is Essex can go [expletive] themselves… That’s all I’m saying…”

Whether that incident helped him make his mind up is anyone’s guess. But he certainly seems to be less than satisfied with how things were panning out.

He told the Daily Star: “I would rather not be on the show than create drama for a storyline or dog out Georgia on screen, but there’s plenty of others who do that.”

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As for Georgia, she’s decided to stay on the programme – for the time being at least.

She said: “I joined the show on my own, so I’ll definitely stay. I love filming and I love getting involved.”

In another tweet, Tommy mused: “It’s mad… How boring would the show be if someone never spoke out of turn like I do?”

Things certainly won’t be the same without him.