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TOWIE recap: Harry and Frankie are not speaking and Yaz STILL has issues with Amber

The Only Way Is Essex entertained fans with a special spelling challenge and a couple on the rocks

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Towie returned to our screens last night and viewers were treated to the usual gossip, plus an Essex Spelling Bee.

Amber Turner and Yazmin Oukhellou’s drama raged on, while couple Frankie and Harry were officially on the rocks.

Read on for all the latest gossip about the ITVBe show…

Bobby moves on and Chloe M announces an Essex brain teaser

Wednesday’s episode of Towie opens with Bobby, Amber, Courtney and Chloe M working up one hell of a sweat at the gym.

No, they’re not trying to work out what the acronym TOWIE stands for, they’re making sure that we see that their perfect bodies aren’t just bought off Amazon.

Bobby tells the girls that boyfriend Matt has been banished back to Reading so they can rekindle the magic in their relationship after lockdown.

Clearly not interested, Chloe M pipes up to announce she’s organised The Great Essex Spelling test to take place the following day and she wants Bobby to host it.

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Chloe M Towie
The gang show off their dubious spelling skills (Credit: ITV)

Lockie is motivated, but Yaz still has issues with Amber

Meanwhile across Essex, James Locke and Yazmin meet up with a boisterous Tommy and Georgia at a bar/café.

James tells them that now he and Yaz are official, he’s happy with life and wants to become a motivational speaker so he can help others achieve their dreams.

Only problem is, he wants to speak to big crowds but is scared about speaking in public.

Georgia clearly doesn’t care much for James’ introspection and shifts the conversation back to mindless gossip, that leads on to them throwing a lot of shade at Amber.

Amber Turner
The Amber and Yaz drama is STILL going on (Credit: ITV)

Yaz explains that Amber had confessed to boyfriend Dan Edgar that she is frosty when she meets new people because she’s shy.

However, this sends Tommy off into a screechy fit of high-pitched shrieks, while Georgia says she thinks Amber shows what’s going on behind her eyes.

Meanwhile, back at the gym, Amber says she’s not getting happy vibes from Yaz and feels that their friendship is nowhere near as strong as it used to be – in fact she thinks she’s a bit of a snake.

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Chloe B is having a life crisis

During a day out at the park with Saffron, Amy Childs and Joey, Chloe B confesses that after her nasty spat with mate Kelsey, she is feeling all confused about who she is.

She says she feels bad that she has a tendency to lash out at people, but admits that she only does that when she feels someone is coming for her.

Amy assures her that she knows that there’s more to Chloe than the drama, while Joey says she shouldn’t be tough on herself as all she is really doing is defending herself.

Harry and Frankie are not speaking

Elsewhere on Towie, Tom, Dan and Harry are having a man chat in a pub garden.

Harry tells them that he and Frankie had a great anniversary but haven’t spoken since.

The problem is, they both think they’re right during their arguments resulting in them both exploding like a dodgy boob job!

Dan says to make an easy life for himself he should just admit that he might be wrong sometimes.

Meanwhile, Frankie is off telling Pete, Nicole, Demi her side of the story, that around others they are okay but when they are together, behind closed doors, the arguing overrides the good.

Pete says that she should heed the warning signs and seriously think about what she wants!

Frankie and Harry Towie
Frankie and Harry in (slightly) happier times (Credit: ITV)

Chloe B opens up to her mum about being a b****

Meanwhile, Chloe B is in a local bar having a tete-a-tete with her mum Claire.

The teary miss tells her she regrets some of the things she said to Kelsey in a recent argument and explains that she doesn’t understand why she is sometimes so hard on people.

Claire assures her that she’s a big softie on the inside and says she is just scared to show vulnerability.

This causes Chloe to cry and tells her mum that she doesn’t want to let people take advantage of her and end up just like her, estranged from her husband.

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Harry says he’s so sad about Frankie he’s been listening to Will Young

While Chloe Sims and her fam Demi and Nanny Linda give Frankie relationship advice, Harry is still chatting to Tom about the ongoing radio silence with Frankie.

He says the lack of contact cuts him deep and he is so hurt about it that he is listening to Will Young on the radio.

He’s also upset that she seems to have having a great time on social media.

He says he’s missed Franke but not enough to reach other to sort the problem.

Tom suggests their future doesn’t bode well.

The gang show off their dubious spelling skills

The Towie crew rock up to the Regent Ballroom in Essex.

Amy Childs and the girls have called themselves Team Well Jel.

The boys have called themselves the rather charmless Gatsby’s Greased-Up Guys.

Trussed up in a gold sequinned jacket Bobby is the host-with-the-most and embarks on the shortest, cringiest quiz in history.

Chloe M is up first failing to spell ‘unconscious’.

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Diags mucks up ‘magnificent’.

Courtney predictably finds it impossible to spell ‘debilitating’.

But they’re not all lost causes.

Tom proves he’s not just a cutie-pie and successfully spells ‘government’ – the closest this show will ever get to politics!

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Bobby Towie
Bobby hosts the spelling bee. (Credit ITV)

Oily Gatsby, however, proves to be the cast brainbox, rattling out numerous correct answers.

If the singing career doesn’t work out, maybe he can try his luck in Dictionary corner on Countdown!

Bobby reveals the boys are the victors.

Of course the quiz was always just an excuse to get everyone in the same room to kick off a massive ruck.

But there aren’t too many fireworks, in spite of the lead up!

Gatsby and Diags and Tommy bury the hatchet over their disastrous video shoot from the week before.

Yaz and Amber tell each other calmly that it might be best for them not to be pals for a while.

Frankie and Harry face off

Frankie and Harry secure the prestigious finale scene.

Addressing their radio silence, a tearful Franke tells him that she’s been waiting for him to have reach out.

Harry says he has been struggling without her, but feels she hasn’t shown him affection and so feels insecure as a result.

Frankie says she can’t carry on this way.

He deals the final blow, telling her that he’s not sure if they are going to get past this tough time.

What will happen next?

Will Towie residents Yaz and Amber ever be friends?

Will we have to wait for the series finale at Christmas for Harry and Frankie to kiss and make up?

And when will grease ball Gatsby realise that a music career is the last thing any of us need?

Well, we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Towie continues every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm on ITVBe.

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