Torvill & Dean thrill Dancing On Ice fans with BIG announcement

Back where they belong!

The revamped new series of Dancing On Ice kicked off last weekend.

And, once again, ice skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are an integral part of the show.

However, this time around the duo have been given seats at the judging table and WON’T be performing their famous Bolero.

Christopher, 59, previously claimed the decision was down to producers not insuring him and Jayne, 60, to skate, which left scores of fans disappointed.

But a new video published by Dancing On Ice to Twitter on Saturday revealed something that got everyone excited.

Torvill & Dean were seen lacing on their skates and taking to the rink together for the first time in FOUR years, as they prepare for the upcoming Dancing On Ice tour.

It means that even though they won’t skate on the TV show, they will be seen skating on tour.

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“This is the first time together in four years,” said Chris.

“We’ve been on the stage on roller blades but not on the ice together in four years. It will be fun. It will come back.

“We’re starting to get ready for the tour. After Dancing On Ice finishes, we go into a quick rehearsal, and then the tour, so we hope we see you then.”

Jayne added that she suspected they’d be suffering sore feet after the skate.

Despite four years away, when the Olympians took to the ice, they were as flawless as ever, with fans describing them as “magical” to watch.

Others begged Dancing On Ice bosses to let them skate on the show.

The skating sensations previously said the reason they won’t be skating during Dancing On Ice this year is because producers haven’t ensured them to take to the rink.

Chris told the Daily Star: “This series they haven’t insured us to go on the ice. So they won’t let us go on.

“We aren’t allowed to do any dangerous sports in case we get injured. But I don’t get that. We’re judges, so could still sit there and do that even if we were injured.”

While Torvill & Dean are both disappointed not to be skating on TV, perhaps it’s not a bad thing, given they’ve just revealed in a new interview that decades of skating has started to take its toll on their bodies.

Christopher told The Mirror: “The knees don’t bend quite as deeply as they used to. I think I have arthritis in my knees. I just manage it.

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“I can still skate, paracetamol helps. I’m pretty reckless – I’ll deal with it later.”

Jayne added: “My back does not arch as much, that’s the place that starts to hurt first with me. I don’t think I have arthritis yet but we have skated well into our 50s, which is unusual for any athlete.”

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