Cameron Murray Chas Dingle affair Emmerdale

Top ten soap affairs of all time

Affairs are the bread and butter of soap storylines; here are a few of our all-time favourites!

With the affair between Megan Macey and Graham Foster possibly about to be exposed in Emmerdale, we’ve taken a look back at some of the most memorable indiscretions in soap history.

How many can you remember from this little lot?

Phil and Sharon

The messiest love triangle of all time (Credit: BBC)

Probably the most notorious affair in soap history Sharongate – as it became known – was the love triangle involving Grant Mitchell, his wife Sharon and his brother Phil.

Sharon and Phil had a steamy fling while Grant was in prison. He found out that Shazza and Phil had slept together after hearing his wife confess on tape to Michelle.

Grant then played the tape to a packed pub, where everyone was gathered to celebrate Phil and Kathy Beale’s engagement. Grant beat Phil unconscious and Kathy gave Sharon a slap across the face.

Cameron and Chas

Cameron Murray Chas Dingle affair Emmerdale
Cameron cheated on Debbie with her aunt Chas (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

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Naughty Cameron and Chas were thrown together when Cam’s girlfriend Debbie slept with her ex Andy in order to get pregnant with a saviour sibling for their sick daughter Sarah.

After months of sneaking around and Woolpack cellar-based romps, they called time on their fling. But it ended up being uncovered anyway with her ex Carl sending incriminating pictures to Debbie while she was in hospital giving birth, moments before Cameron bludgeoned him to death with a brick.

Chas and Cameron got back together when the entire Dingle clan turned their backs on them.

Cameron and Debbie

Debbie Dingle and Cameron Murray affair Emmerdale
Cam then cheated on Chas with Debbie (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

After cheating on Debbie with Chas, Cameron followed it up by cheating on Chas with Debbie.

They were rumbled by Gennie who, while trying to get recorded evidence for Chas, ended up overhearing Cameron confess to killing Carl (he’d let Chas take the blame and think she’d done it).

This ended up with Cameron murdering Gennie after a high-speed car chase where she lost control and crashed.

Max and Stacey (Round one!)

Max and Stacey have always had an attraction (Credit: BBC)

Stacey and Max couldn’t keep their hands off each other, despite Stacey’s relationship with Max’s son Bradley. And despite Max being married with two daughters!

He planned to leave wife Tanya when she revealed she was pregnant with son Oscar. Stacey and Max ended their affair and Stacey married Bradley.

Their affair was revealed by Max’s daughter, Lauren, who caught the pair talking about their fling and sharing a kiss on camera on Stacey and Bradley’s wedding day.

In an iconic episode, Lauren played the wedding DVD to the entire Branning/Slater clan.

Ross and Debbie

Ross and Debbie’s affair rocked the Barton brothers (Credit: ITV)

Debbie was dating dependable Pete, but couldn’t fight her attraction to his bad boy brother Ross.

They ended up giving in to temptation and beginning a steamy fling (are any flings not steamy?) while she continued her relationship – and engagement – with Pete.

They planned to run away together before the wedding but then Debbie found out that Ross was the father of her baby half-brother, Moses. She dumped him and married Pete.

Unfortunately Ross had a recording of him and Debbie talking about their affair and it was played at the wedding reception when Chas thought it was the first dance track.

John Stape and Rosie

Rosie Webster and John Stape affair
Rosie and John had a secret affair behind Fiz’s back (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

Teacher John had an illicit affair with Rosie while he was dating Fiz Brown and tutoring Rosie’s mum Sally.

Fiz thought John was sleeping with Sally but it was revealed to be Rosie when he mixed up their presents at Christmas.

He lost his job as a teacher but Fiz eventually forgave him and they got back together, with John working at Street Cars.

John blamed Rosie for his life crashing down and kidnapped her, locking her in his grandmother’s house for five weeks. She was eventually found by Fiz, and John was sentenced to two years in prison.

Dirty Den and Michelle

Dirty Den and Michelle Fowler affair EastEnders
Michelle and Den’s fling resulted in a pregnancy (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

When schoolgirl Michelle Fowler announced she was pregnant to her shocked family, she refused to reveal who the father was.

In a shocking episode, she headed down to the canal to meet her baby-daddy where it was revealed Den – her BFF Sharon’s dad – had got her up the duff-duff.

Den was married to Angie at the time and Michelle was only 16. Shocker.

Robert and Aaron

They might be love’s young dream these days but it wasn’t always like that. When Robert first arrived back in the village, he was engaged to Chrissie White.

But that didn’t stop him from pursuing a relationship with Aaron. Robert eventually married Chrissie, but he and Aaron couldn’t stay away from each other.

Aaron eventually outed Robert to Chrissie, who threw her cheating husband out. After several false starts, Robert and Aaron made their way back to each other.

And the rest is Robron history.

Kevin and Natalie

Kevin Webster Natalie Horrocks Coronation Street
Natalie rocked the Websters’ marriage (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

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Corrie’s most solid couple – Kev and Sal Webster – were thoroughly rocked when Kevin was seduced by, and subsequently began an affair with, cougar Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch).

When their affair was exposed, Sally eventually agreed to forgive her husband and they stayed together.

It’s a shame Kev didn’t grant Sally the same courtesy when she cheated on him a short while later.

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