Too Hot To Handle review

Too Hot To Handle season 2 review: Is Netflix’s sex ban series the new Love Island?

This series resists everything except temptation - creating a fire storm of a series

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Too Hot To Handle season 2 turns the Love Island format on its head – a sex ban show that shouldn’t be this naughty.

Take 10 sexy singletons, chuck them in an idyllic-looking villa, ply them with alcohol and let them loose.. sounds simple enough, right?

However, nothing is ever as simple as free sun, sea and sex. Just 12 hours after arriving, the gang are told the truth – they’re not on Parties in Paradise, they’re on Too Hot To Handle.

As a result, they can’t have any sexual contact or there’ll be a fine, chipping away at a potential $100,000 prize fund.

But it turns out forbidden fruit is just too tempting for people, especially if you’re insanely good-looking in a bikini or swim trunks.

As the blood rushes from their head to their groin, it doesn’t take long for things to go spectacularly wrong.

Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast
Meet the cast of this year’s Too Hot To Handle (Credit: Netflix)

Keeping track of their behaviour is Lana – an AI cone who sees all and knows all.

Can Lana teach the gang, who put sex above all else, some life lessons?

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For a show that should contain no sex, this randy show puts Ex on The Beach and Love Island to shame.

There’s a hilarious collection of characters whose personalities are set to pure chaos.

It’s pretty easy to compare it to Love Island. But beyond surface level, this series is unique – and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Too Hot To Handle rule breaks
Can the gang behave long enough to make some cash? (Credit: Netflix)

But somewhere along the line, it also brings a lot of heart. There are some shockingly emotional moments as the gang second guess their lifelong mission to get laid.

What results is something sweet and sexy, and a very easy binge-watch.

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Too Hot to handle
Breaking the rules comes at a serious cost (Credit: Netflix)

Is Too Hot To Handle season 2 worth the watch?

If you’re struggling to wait for Love Island’s new series, then Too Hot To Handle is the show for you.

In fact, it might even be better than its worldwide, juggernaut counterpart. Which we’re not saying lightly.

Too Hot To Handle’s unique twist is custom-built to bring out your naughty side, with fights and rows  guaranteed as temptation takes over.

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What’s more is that you find yourself genuinely rooting for everyone, even when they make slip-up after slip-up.

It results in a hell of an addictive watch. The first four episodes released in week one are more than enough to hook you in for the second batch.

Good luck holding out, guys.

Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Too Hot To Handle is available now on Netflix. 

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