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Too Close viewers savage ITV for the number of ad breaks during episode one

"More ads than drama" they said

Too Close viewers savaged ITV for the number of adverts during the intense psychological drama.

The brilliant three-part series had viewers hooked right from the get-go.

However, within an unusually short amount of time, there was an advert and viewers did not like it.

Too Close ITV
Emma and Connie in Too Close (Credit: ITV)

What is Too Close on ITV all about?

The drama stars Emily Watson as forensic psychologist Dr Emma Robertson and Denise Gough as her patient, Connie Mortenson.

Connie was arrested after driving her car off a bridge with two young children in the back.

Now Dr Robertson has to try and tease the information from that fateful night out of Connie, because she can’t remember what happened.

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Completely broken and vulnerable, Connie soon gets under the skin of her new psychiatrist.

And, as viewers began to become enthralled by the psychological cat-and-mouse game between the two women, they were stunned by the frequency of ad breaks.

How did viewers react?

Disgruntled viewers soon took to Twitter to voice their anger at the channel and the frequent ad breaks.

One wrote: “FFs looks like there’ll be more ads than drama here! #tooclose”

Another said: “Good start; shame about the adverts.

“Completely breaks the atmosphere which was ramping up nicely. #TooClose”

Completely breaks the atmosphere which was ramping up nicely.

A third commented: “#tooclose 10 minutes in and then nearly 5 minutes of adverts?

“@ITV now the slaves of the advertising agencies. Poor show ITV, you can do better than this.”

Finally, one viewer joked: “The first ad break was definitely #TooClose to the start of the show.”

Denise Gough in Too Close
Denise Gough as Connie (Credit: ITV)

What’s going to happen in episode two?

The second of the three episodes is on tonight (Tuesday April 13) and promises to reveal more about the incident.

ITV says about episode two: “Unearthing some surprising revelations, Emma becomes increasingly sympathetic to Connie’s plight.

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“But is she being manipulated into giving too much away about her own dark past?”

Episode two of Too Close is on tonight (Tuesday April 13) at 9pm on ITV

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