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Too Close on ITV: What’s it about, who’s in the drama and when is it on?

The trailer looks amazing!

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The next big drama on ITV is Too Close, and today the channel launched the first trailer for the series.

And, if that trailer’s anything to go by, viewers are in for a psychological thriller that will take them on a rollercoaster ride.

But what is the series about, who’s in it and when will it be on?

Emily Watson stars in Too Close on ITV
The three-part drama is billed as a psychological thriller (Credit: ITV)

What is Too Close on ITV all about?

ITV tells us that Too Close is a three-part thriller.

It will focus on the relationship between forensic psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson, who is assigned to work with Connie Mortensen.

Connie is accused of a “heinous” crime but claims she can’t remember a thing.

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Dr Robertson is an expert in dealing with high-security patients, but she becomes dangerously close to Connie.

Not only does Connie know how to push Emma’s buttons, but she starts to manipulate and exploit her insecurities.

It’s not long before this cat-and-mouse game begins to eat away at Emma and she herself is placed in danger.

Emily Watson stars in Too Close on ITV
Emily takes the lead role of Dr Emma Robertson (Credit: Ron Smits/London Ent /

Who’s in Too Close on ITV?

Acclaimed actress Emily Watson takes the lead role of Dr Emma Robertson.

Emily has enjoyed a fantastic career, and was nominated for an Oscar for her roles in Breaking The Waves in 1996 and Hilary and Jackie in 1998.

She said of the controversial Breaking The Waves: “It set my life on a path in a way that was unbidden.

“It was fantastic and amazing and wonderful and extraordinary and life-changing but I didn’t know that it was going to do that. And I’m incredibly grateful to it.”

She has also starred in Apple Tree Yard, Little Women, Chernobyl and also won a BAFTA for her role in Fred West crime drama, Appropriate Adult.

Denise Gough plays Connie in Too Close on ITV
Denise plays Connie (Credit: ITV)

Who else is in it?

Playing Connie is Irish actress Denise Gough.

Denise has starred in Sky One comedy Stella, as well as Guerilla and Paula.

The 41-year-old actress said in a Guardian interview: “I like to play women who are raging against injustice rather than raging against heartbreak.”

It looks as though she’ll be playing another great character in Too Close.

Other famous faces to look out for include James Sives, Risteárd Cooper, Chizzy Akudolu, Karl Johnson, Eileen Davies and former EastEnders star Nina Wadia.

Denise’s sister, Kelly, is also an actress who appeared in Casualty as Violette Spark.

Susan Tully from Too Close played Michelle Fowler in EastEnders
Susan played the original Michelle Fowler (Credit: YouTube)

Who directs the series?

There’s a familiar name with a familiar acting history in the director’s chair.

As well as appearing in 1980s cult kids drama Grange Hill, Susan Tully also starred in EastEnders.

Susan played the original Michelle Fowler for a decade between 1985 and 1995.

As Michelle, Susan was involved in some headline-grabbing storylines, including becoming pregnant at the age of 16.

The father was revealed to be ‘Dirty’ Dennis Watts, 25 years her senior.

After she left EastEnders, Susan became a director and her acclaimed career has included work on The A Word, Line Of Duty and Strike: Lethal White.

When will Too Close be on?

ITV says that the series will be on in April.

The channel is, however, yet to confirm the specific transmission date.

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Unforgotten ends next week (Monday March 29) so our bet is that Too Close will begin the week after.

It could be a big month for crime drama fans on the channel – surveillance thriller Viewpoint is also in the pipeline.

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