Claudia looking confused and Ben Shephard on Tipping Point

Tipping Point viewers mock contestant as she makes shock confession

Viewers weren't impressed

Tipping Point viewers took to Twitter to mock a contestant after she made a shock confession during yesterday’s show (Tuesday, May 24).

The contestant in question didn’t know what cognac is – and viewers were stunned.

Contestant Claudia looks at question on Tipping Point
Claudia’s confession stunned viewers (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point yesterday?

Yesterday’s Tipping Point was once again not without incident.

It was towards the end of yesterday’s show when a contestant’s knowledge collectively stunned viewers.

Claudia from York managed to make it to the final round – but she had a moment to forget when answering questions.

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The question asked of Claudia was – “Which alcoholic drink is traditionally used as the base of a bourguignonne sauce?”.

The options given to Claudia were cognac, red wine, or beer.  “I don’t know what cognac… I don’t know what that is,” she said.

Claudia then picked red wine, which was the right answer.

Ben Shephard talking to Claudia, who has her back to camera, on Tipping Point
Viewers were not impressed (Credit: ITV)

Claudia’s answer was correct, however, some viewers couldn’t get over the fact that she didn’t know what cognac is!

“She doesn’t know what cognac is? My god,” one viewer tweeted.

“Don’t know what cognac is. Oh my,” another said.

“She’s not heard of cognac!” a third wrote.

“I knew what cognac was and I don’t drink,” another tweeted.

Picture of hot tub on Tipping Point
Viewers weren’t impressed with the mystery prizes (Credit: ITV)

Tipping Point mystery prizes

Last week, the show was mocked by viewers again – this time because of the mystery prizes being given to contestants.

One contestant, Dom, managed to win both a flight simulator experience and a six-person inflatable hot tub.

Dom branded the prizes “amazing” and “awesome” at the time. However, viewers weren’t of the same opinion.

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Is it just me or are the mystery prizes on #tippingpoint so spectacularly naff?” one viewer tweeted at the time.

“Christ, a six-person inflatable hot tub looks like something they had leftover from the middle at Lidl,” another said.

“A ride on a flight simulator and a hot tub – a double whammy of [bleep] mysteries!” a third wrote.

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