Tipping Point host Ben Shephard and contestant claire

Tipping Point: Contestant Claire divides viewers with ‘terrible’ American accent

The Teesside lass joined host Ben Shepherd in the studio

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Tipping Point viewers threatened to ‘lob their remotes’ or ‘throw their TVs’ last night over a contestant named Claire – but others loved her.

In Wednesday (October 21) evening’s episode of the ITV quiz show, hosted by presenter Ben Shephard, viewers found themselves distracted by an accent a contestant kept doing.

GMB’s Ben was joined in the Tipping Point studio by hopefuls Steven, Claire, Hayden and Jayne.

Tipping Point viewers felt divided over Claire (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Claire on Tipping Point?

The sign language teacher, from Teesside, did well on the programme.

She went on to reach the third round, although she was eliminated, with Jayne winning in the end.

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On Twitter, some viewers said they found Claire irritating.

The hopeful annoyed some of those watching Tipping Point, but others loved her (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about the sign language teacher?

One tweeted: “She’s gone! Claire and her terrible faux American accent are gone! My ears can finally breathe again!”

Another wrote: “If she says ‘aw man’ in that stupid accent again, TV is off through the bloody window #TippingPoint.”

A third demanded: “What’s with the American accent, ‘oh man’?”

A fourth put: “If that woman says ‘aw man’ in a terrible American accent again, I’m going to lob the remote at the TV #TippingPoint.”

“Rather a shame for everyone that Claire isn’t actually communicating in sign language,” quipped a fifth.


However, others enjoyed having her on, praising her banter with Jayne.

“Might be an unpopular opinion but I liked Claire,” said one.

Someone else wrote: “So chuffed for Jayne on #tippingpoint! So well deserved and what a lovely lady! Loved how she and Claire encouraged one another.”

Another tweeted: “Awww bye Claire. She was my favourite #tippingpoint.”


At the end, Claire was good enough to applaud Jayne when won, clapping her hands and telling her, “Yay!”

“Thank you for having me,” she told Ben.

“Lovely having you,” the host said.

It follows an episode of Tipping Point earlier this month that had Ben Shepherd giggling over an X-rated answer.

The presenter tried to help contestants Sharelle and Lindsey when they got off on a rather unexpected tangent.

Ben Shephard is the host of Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

X-rated answers

The question was: “In the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges’ character The Dude famously drinks which vodka-based cocktail?”

Lindsey said: “I have an idea, but, it’s a long time since I’ve seen it. I’m 50/50. I don’t think she’s old enough, bless her, so I think I will pass.”

Sharelle also had no idea, so Ben said: “What we need is a vodka-based cocktail.”

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Sharelle replied: “I’m just thinking is a Mojito vodka based? But, no, I’m going to go Sex on the Beach.”

Lesley then offered: “I was thinking Screwdriver but I don’t know if I’ve got that from somewhere else?”

As both responses had X-rated meanings, Ben, looking at the camera, said: “Screwdriver or Sex on the Beach? Standard Tipping Point afternoon…”

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