Tipping Point Allan and Ben Shephard

Tipping Point: Viewers annoyed over ‘ill-mannered’ contestant Allan

Some didn't like how he spoke to host Ben Shephard

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Tipping Point viewers were angry at a contestant on the ITV quiz show for being rude to host Ben Shephard.

Thursday (October 22) afternoon’s episode featured hopefuls Allan, Lynne, Les and Grace.

Tipping Point contestant Allan annoyed viewers (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Allan on Tipping Point?

On Twitter, viewers felt annoyed that Allan, a sales manager from Aberdeenshire, didn’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to presenter Ben Shephard as much as the others.

When he got the first question correct, he said: “I’m going to pass to Les, please.”

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However after that, those watching Tipping Point were left fuming over what they saw as a lack of manners. Allan continued to ask for drop zones without saying ‘please’.

ITV viewers fumed that he didn’t say please and thank you enough (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react?

Reacting on Twitter, one said: “Allan. Ben has been saying ‘please’ all through the programme. Take a hint and say it at least once. #tippingpoint.”

Another wrote: “This ignorant [bleep] hasn’t said please or thanks ONCE… #tippingpoint.”

A third wrote: “Get some manners you [bleep]! Were you never taught please and thank you?”

A fourth tweeted: “He hasn’t said please or thank you once. If that was me, my mam would slap me. #TippingPoint.”



However, not everyone felt that way. Some were glad that later, Allan made it to the final round over the others as he had the best chance of winning.

One said: “Quite glad Allan is in the final as he’ll get the questions right #tippingpoint.”

And sure enough, Allan managed to walk away with £2,800.

What’s more, he thanked Ben at the end.

Presenter Ben Shephard is the host of Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

“Oh Allan, that was close!” Ben said as they watched his final replays.

“I’ll take that all day long,” Allan joked, relived.

“Quite right too, you made the right decision,” Ben said. “You are leaving with £2,800, you had a good day?”

“Absolutely,” Allan said, adding: “Thank you very much!”

Tipping Point’s Allan did thank Ben at the end (Credit: ITV)

Tipping Point contestant’s irritating accent

It follows an episode that saw viewers riled up over a contestant’s voice.

During Wednesday’s (October 21) instalment of the programme, Claire from Teesside kept doing a fake American accent.

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And it irritated those watching at home so much, some on Twitter threatened to chuck their remotes or lob their TV through their windows.

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