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Tipping Point on Twitter: Viewers turned off by ‘inappropriate’ ad during break

People could be eating…

Tipping Point fans have taken to Twitter to voice their disgust at an “inappropriate” advert that’s repeatedly shown during the ad breaks of the ITV show.

Some have said it puts them off their dinner, while others admit it really is too much information.

Others said they were even thankful when the ad was temporarily replaced by a Government warning from Professor Chris Whitty.

So what is the Tipping Point ad all about? Read on to find out!

ben shephard on tipping point
Viewers of Tipping Point have taken dislike to one of the ads featured during the breaks (Credit: ITV)

Tipping Point viewers fume about ad on Twitter

The ad in question is one of several promoting Vagisan, a vaginal dryness ointment.

One features a woman named Kate speaking about her experience of the problem.

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Another shows comedian Jenny Eclair holding up a tube of the cream and detailing how it works.

However, some have suggested that perhaps the ad breaks of Tipping Point – hosted by Ben Shephard – isn’t the best place to air the ad.

vagisan ad
Some Tipping Point viewers took to Twitter to note that fans of the show could be eating when the ad is aired (Credit: YouTube)

What did viewers say?

“Tipping Point vaginal dryness advert klaxon!” one commented, adding the flashing light emoji.

The vagina ointment ads are on ITV… must be time for Tipping Point,” said another.

“Why is there a vaginal dryness advert at 4.30pm in the afternoon?” mused one male viewer.

“Love, I didn’t want to know that!” he continued.

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His question was met with a couple of cheeky answers, though.

“Because the ladies that would buy Vagisan are all tucked up in bed by 8.30pm with a Horlicks,” quipped one.

Who decides to put vaginal dryness ads on during what some people class as dinner? When people are possibly eating?

“Because ladies’ vaginas exist in the daylight hours too!” said another.

Still it wasn’t enough to deter the ad haters.

“Vagina dryness. Just the advert I want to see about Kate and her dry [bleep] in between #TheChase and #TippingPoint,” said another.

vagisan advert
Others said the ad provided just a little too much information at 4.30pm (Credit: YouTube)

Dinner time = Vagisan ad

Others also questioned why the ad was aired at a time when people could be having their dinner.

“Who the [bleep] decides to put vaginal dryness ads on during what some people class as dinner? When people are possibly eating?” tweeted one.

“Not a nice thing to see when eating… vaginal dryness,” said another.

Others also noticed a low-cost funeral ad and wondered: “What demographic have I staggered into?!”

Another viewer found solace in Professor Chris Whitty.

They called him “a refreshing change from Vagisan ads during #tippingpoint”.

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