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Tipping Point: Contestant James issues warning over ‘horrendous’ online abuse

The sales assistant, from Belfast, hit back at online bullying

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Tipping Point contestant James issued a warning to viewers after he was viciously trolled on social media.

During Thursday (November 12) afternoon’s instalment of the popular ITV quiz show, host Ben Shephard was joined in the studio by hopefuls Sanjiv, Amelia, James and Roma.

Sanjiv and Roma were eliminated in the earlier rounds, leaving Amelia playing against James for a place in the final.

The contestants on last night’s Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

What happened with James on Tipping Point?

As the episode played out, a number of viewers took to social media to post cruel comments about James, including vile homophobic messages.

Others branded him “annoying” or mocked him for getting what they thought were easy questions wrong, including one point in the show where he said he didn’t know who footballer Harry Kane was.

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A drag queen account that appeared to be run by James, under the alter-ego Charra Tea, hit back at the “absolutely ridiculous” comments made about him and the other contestants.

James played against Amelia for a place in the final round of Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

Warning about ‘horrendous’ abusive messages

He also warned viewers not to make nasty posts about people on TV, as they had no idea how the individuals would take it.

He said: “Not tweeting this because I’m upset at ALL, just tweeting this to raise awareness of online bullying! Yes I signed up to be on a TV show but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I would hate to think of someone else being on the show and receiving tweets like this because this could seriously effect somebody.

“The amount of racist, homophobic and sexist tweets made about me and my filming mates is absolutely horrendous. Most of which come from those who are triple my age.

“Imagine being an 18 year old and going on TV to read this online after?”

Writing further, he said he “couldn’t give a rat’s [bleep]” about the abuse, adding: “But what if I did? I would hate to think of someone else being on the show and receiving tweets like this because this could seriously effect somebody.”

On Twitter, James hit back at the abuse he received online (Credit: ITV)

James tells trolls to ‘re-evaluate’ themselves

James also told trolls to “seriously re-evaluate” and called for more awareness of the abuse quiz show contestants face.

He concluded: “Act your age and just treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t hide behind your keyboard.”

Some viewers left nice comments about James, who was beaten by Amelia to the final.

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One said: “James is invoking all of my maternal instincts, I want to give him a cup of cocoa and say ‘never mind, love’.”

Another wrote: “You have to admit, James did bloody well for his age.”


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