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Tipping Point: Contestant Di has viewers gripped in ‘tense’ final round

ITV viewers called it 'peak TV excitement'

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Tipping Point contestant Di had host Ben Shephard on his knees with her tense final round on the ITV game show.

During Monday (November 9) afternoon’s episode, the housewife from Leicester was playing against fellow contestants Paul, Yung and Laura.

Di, a housewife from Leicester, got to the final on Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Di at the end of Tipping Point?

Di made it to the final round and in nail-biting scenes and tried to get the jackpot counter – sitting right next to the double counter – to fall in the machine.

At first she failed, leaving the double hanging over the edge, the jackpot not far behind it. On her second attempt, it came close again but failed to tip over.

At several points, she came close to tipping the jackpot and double counters over the edge (Credit: ITV)

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“I’m so glad you went for three counters. One more crack…” Ben Shephard said, adding as the counter fell into place: “Is that too far the other way? Might be too far.”

Unfortunately it was too far, though it added £50 to Di’s prize pot, bringing it to £3000.

That was so tense, I can go to the loo now it’s finished.

When asked if she would like to walk with her money or trade it in for three more counters, Di decided to trade.

“This isn’t like me at all, but I’m going to be a risk taker,” she said.

“Goodness me, Di,” Ben said.

With the first of her last three counters, the double went over but not the jackpot and Ben fell to his knees in the studio.

Tipping Point point host Ben Shephard fell to his knees as Di got close to winning big (Credit: ITV)

However, the next counter managed to nudge the jackpot over, netting Di £10k.

“Absolutely sensational,” Ben said, ecstatic.

In the end, Di went home with £10k (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react to Di’s Tipping Point win?

On Twitter, viewers were well and truly on the edges of their seats.

One said: “Tell the truth, who else was screaming? #tippingpoint.”

Another said: “#tippingpoint that was so tense, I can go to the loo now it’s finished.”


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A third wrote: “#tippingpoint Bloody hell, how close was that!?”

Someone else put: “Well, that was gripping stuff. I’ve never seen Ben so animated before.”

“Watching the last 10 minutes of tonight’s #tippingpoint has just put 10 years on me!” said a fifth, adding: “Well done, Di! @TippingPointITV @benshephard.”

Another called it “peak TV excitement”.



Just, incredibly brave, Di. Tell me what you’re going to do with the money.

Well, yes, I’m going to go to Australia and New Zealand, hopefully.

Go and explore that southern hemisphere.

Never been there… no, I’m not well travelled so it’ll be lovely.

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